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    Welcome to my profile. I have been a premium script writer over at TRiBot for nearly 2 years. It's been a blast, and ever since then I've been able to accomplish many achievements.

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  1. it should by this weekend script works fine, you're using looking glass / need to delete your tribot folder & hooks.dat. As well, don't use the normal rs client with looking glass
  2. True. You can chargeback but that process is not guranteed either. If you are doing it by bank, then the money will be given back to you as provisioanl credit and then investigated. (which can result in your provisional credit being taken away). Not only to mention, that you will be banned. Feel free to dig yourself a bigger hole if you want, but I'd advise you not too. But, it's not a big deal to me honestly. The reputation I've built here the past 3 years speak for itself for the most part.
  3. As well, to everyone, including you, keep any "flamming/harrasing/offensive behavior" out of your posts or you will receive warning points.
  4. The bug you with auto login not working with Looking Glass is a client issue. You are using a beta feature provided by TRiBot (not me) and thus prone to unexpected errors. This is not a script issue and you will not be receiving an refund because of this. Keep in mind, the dispute process provided by TRiBot is fair to both scripter and customers therefore you won't receive a refund. If you are talking about another issue, send me a PM (not skype as it's not acessible right now) My script is working perfectly fine. for many other users.
  5. Rock cake should now properly account for the latest runescape update changes. Please update to the latest verison V1.712 if you are having issues with rock cake / hp not resetting to 1 properly. As well, pure support will be added sometime next week, stay tuned!
  6. Will take a look into this in a bit. Sorry for the inconvience. DH absorb and flick rapid heal works the same way. It's just an additional option to avoid confusion if users don't have dharosk but still want to flick. I'm not removing rapid heal prayer flicking. Many users have reached 99s using this option. Both options work utilize the same code. Reason why it's not guzzling down to 1HP is because of a possible mistake i pushed to account for the latest rs update. Will take a look into it today. As well, I'm going to make the eat rock cake down to 1 HP again if you gain a HP level instead of waiting for overloads to reset since rock cakes can now eat through absorbs. Previously, it would wait until your 51+HP (reset from overloads) then eat back down to 1. Also a option eat rock cake to get 1HP instead of prayer flicking will come soon as well. (for 1 pray pures)
  7. I've changed the eat behavior for rock cakes and absorbs. It should now account for the recent rs update
  8. Good luck with your project! I'd honestly would've waited until you got premium rank to release this thread, but regardless, project seems organized. Keep up with the schedule and pls dont go mia
  9. Lifetime auths stay forever, so even whenever the rewrite happens, you will keep the auth and get the update. I don't make my users repay, ever. Slave crafting is not safe to dofor long run and the method is getting discontinued in the rewrite.
  10. Closed.
  11. Promo ended
  12. AS far as I'm concerned, yes. You will be able to run 6 accounts.\\ Script should stop if game is set at 1 and you die. I will take a further look into this, just incase. As well, "bad" prayer flicks are actually caused by hp levels gains (Gives you +1 gain), but my script accounts for that already by restting your HP back to 1 when your overloads are resetted.. However, runescape recently changed rock cakes to hit through absorbs, so I will be accounting for that today.
  13. Ingame world switching seems to look fine to me. Can you show me your client debug in a pastebin whenever it opens up world select and does nothing?
  14. DPathNavigator is the way to go with the TRiBot API. Listen to USA.
  15. Ensure you are using a cooled rock cake (not hot rock cake) and overloads if you want your HP to drop to 1 before the game starts.