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    Welcome to my profile. I have been a premium script writer over at TRiBot for nearly 2 years. It's been a blast, and ever since then I've been able to accomplish many achievements.

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  1. Script updated date does not mean it's not working. The script is actually in fine shape. Most likely will run a run today to make sure it is still good as well. The above reports are from: RS updates that broke the client, people who have hooks "corrupted", or incorrect configurations.
  2. erickho123

    [ABCL10] daxQuester [Full Ava's Questline][Plague City]

    Script has been taken off sell and will be maintained free @daxmagex Please make the script free
  3. erickho123

    9 Accounts banned from last nights server crash

    Please post ban discussion here. Whenever tribot went down, scripts stopped working. Jagex bans for people botting, so I don't think this was the reason why.
  4. Start a customizable game if u haven't done one before. Make suer it's the last option
  5. Just a 9 hour proggy.. flawless! I can finally use blowpipe! Prayer potion(4) : 2434 Prayer potion(4) (Noted) : 2435 Super attack(4) : 2436 Super attack(4) (Noted) : 2437 Super strength(4) : 2440 Super strength(4) (Noted) : 2441 Accurate ids can be found here: http://pastebin.com/raw/yb6CpqKd
  6. Add the rock cake ID in your bank list. Another 3 hour proggy, trying to get 75 ranged for blowpipe! (XP will rise so much then) Still rocking blue d hide lol
  7. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] Varrock museum Miniquest [FAST Hunter/SLAYER]

    Script still works flawlessly
  8. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Are you talking about the login bug? If so, then this is a client issue.
  9. Script has been updated for the latest runescape update, fixed same day. Jagex decided to change some interfaces within NMZ. This was changed most likely because of OSRS Mobile. I have updated the script, so that it works again and if jagex ever decides to change them again, the script will still continue to work. Thanks and enjoy using the script! I've tested the script myself, all elements of the script is working. Will post 4 hour proggy once I get it DO NOT CLICK RERUN SCRIPT WHENEVER SCRIPT IS UPDATED. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU START THE SCRIPT WITH "START SCRIPT" TO RECEIVE THE UPDATE. AFTERWARDS, YOU CAN THEN USE RERUN SCRIPT IF YOU WISH.
  10. How is that an issue? Use more overloads? Script is working fine. If not, I need more specifics. Here's my two hour progress report! Im 70/70/70, so xphr with dh is low. Probably same as whip or dscim tbh. I'm not using LG or resizable. Resizable might come with bugs. Make sure you set gametabs to default. Script is working great!
  11. The script is working fine after runescape update. Are you having issues with rock cake?: Ensure that the rock cake has "guzzle" option and is cooled. The rock cake ID should be 7510 Is the script opening the incorrect game tabs (inventory, prayer, etc?) Make sure your f keys are to set DEFAULT. TRiBot does not support custom f keys. Is the script having issues with clicking or banking?: Make sure mouse options click options are two. As well, get out of resizable to minimize problems (Script works fine with resizable too!) Is script having issues with walking? Get out of resizable, tribot client has small bugs with resizable for now. Other issues or still having problems after troubling shooting? Delete jagex cache and delete your hooks.dat
  12. It picks them up as they stack. But maybe I don't have your arrows coded in. What arrows are you using?