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    Welcome to my profile. I have been a premium script writer over at TRiBot for nearly 2 years. It's been a blast, and ever since then I've been able to accomplish many achievements.

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  1. Rigour is now supported on the script. TRiBot API was causing rigour not to work properly. I've added my own hotfix, enjoy!
  2. Anyone still using this script? It is updated!
  3. Banking issues should be resolved.
  4. Ask the scripter. It's up to the scripter to implement.
  5. erickho123

    [Snippet] Autocast 'API'

    I meant AIR_STRIKE.setAutoCast()
  6. erickho123

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    Extutorial is now fixed. It should open inventory tab now and go through the iron man chat just fine. Account creation is now working once again. It will now also hop to f2p world properly. <- This is a tribot bug, but i replaced it with my own worldhopper and now, it'll worldhop proeprly.
  7. erickho123

    [Snippet] Autocast 'API'

    You should randomize the dynamic sleeps instead of a constant 2000. One time i had static dynamic sleeps and i got constant bans, randomized them and bam, they were gone. Also maybe create a getter for componentId I personally would rename the enum to Spell, and also create methods in the enum called isEnabled and Cast so i could do something like Spell#cast (AIR_STRIKE.cast() )
  8. iSSUE SOLVED. User had to delete jagex cache.
  9. 100% sure it's user related... feel free to download teamviewer and PM me ur details. I'll look into it for you. Weird that neither deleting hooks.dat and deleting jagex cache did not solve ur issue.
  10. Try deleting ur jagex cache. FYI, this happens with EXNMZ because it has a failsafe implemented that detects if item definitions are null or not. Now if item definitions are null, most likely, object definitions and npc definitions are as well. And if these definitiosn are not working, scripts are unable to detect objects/items/npcs using. They are also unable to access more detailed information about these items/npcs/objects. So the failsafe is just saving u from a bad time
  11. erickho123

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    Working on getting this script working now.
  12. COUPON CODE: DISNEY Please use all CAPS for the promo code. Enjoy the summer and 10% off! This coupon will end on 6/21/18 Click here to purchase!
  13. Is this still occuring? Please let me know, nothing has changed for the logic of withdrawing pots
  14. Good to hear you found the solution Good to hear Just got back.. you need to keep restarting your tribot client. This isn't really a script issue. Delete ur jagex cache if it still isnt solved.