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    Welcome to my profile. I have been a premium script writer over at TRiBot for nearly 2 years. It's been a blast, and ever since then I've been able to accomplish many achievements.

    I have achieved:
    - 9k+ posts
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  1. RSBuddy is being used less and less. Most people I know use RL so overtime if RL takes over, then RSBuddy becomes more inacurate since it's based off their user's game data
  2. @wastedbro, seems like it's unable to parse prices like 12.5k, kmb values from ruenscape's ge prices
  3. I wouldn't give so much blame to the devs. Worldhopping is tricky because tribot doesn't allow for 1. Grabbing the worlds rectangle when logged out, nor does it allow to invoke the client's method to world hop (tribot's nature though so understandable). Jagex is constantly changing up the world hopper, so it makes sense for it to break more often. Anyways, tribot and I use very similiar world hopping classes. Is this ingame world switcher or logged out verision? Does it click w345 by misclick.. or everytime you switch to a specific world? Edit: Spoke to him. Looks like w318 is causing the problem. Whenever hopping to w318, skill level total isnt enoguh so TriBot takes over and tries to hop over to another world (which bring shim to w345). So it isn't a script issue, but you can avoid the problem by not hopping to w318 if u dont ahve the reqs.. cheers
  4. Yes, If anyone is having issues, please do this and your script will work ^^ read above.. script is working fine. I am running 5 accounts on this, no problems. I use it praticially everyday. read above Sure, I can add this feature in future. Very easy to do.
  5. Script is still running as smooth as ever! I just got 85 attack, and 92 strength using it. Here's some recent prgoress reports.
  6. Yeah, that's a tribot issue. Try restarting client x2 when rs update. The script is working fine :)
  7. Have you used the script before? Is it only cosmics specifically? Can you try removing and reading cosmics.
  8. The complexity of the arrows makes it difficult. It will take tad bit longer to adjust. However, if swapped over to first page, it should hop to most worlds. I still estimate it will be fixed by today
  9. Looking into the world hop issues now @leoshiro Also adding the unhandled messages to my workaround fix.
  10. The developers Have fixed prayers but it is not released yet. On the next tribot update, it should be fixed. Essentially the code has been fixed and we just have to wait for them to build and release the new tribot. Hopefully, sometime today.
  11. Failing to relog isn't a script issue. It might be related to the tribot a.i antiban. I will disable it on next update. Jagex bot analysis doesn't work like that Read above to first quote
  12. Depends on what it is getting stuck on for you. I have had no issues. If it is maximum instances, that is because you are running too many accounts a once. Or you lagged out and have to wait 15 mins.
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