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    Welcome to my profile. I have been a premium script writer over at TRiBot for nearly 2 years. It's been a blast, and ever since then I've been able to accomplish many achievements.

    I have achieved:
    - 9k+ posts
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    - Over 30k+ users using my script
    - $100,000 worth of trades on TRiBot
    - Support team
    - Proud author of many original and unique scripts on TRiBot
    and much more!

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  1. Deletiing hooks.dat does not affect the performance of scripts, only fixes them if you have issues. It may just been a coincidence that this happened.
  2. If exnightmarezone is not working for you, please delete hooks.dat, it will solve the issue Step #2
  3. erickho123

    Random drop in fps

    Please keep posts on topic.. Are you using Looking Glass? https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/20 Seems familiar to this issue
  4. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    I pushed a new update that increases the accuracy of clicking worlds with ingame world hopper. as well, it now sorts worlds even when the sort world carrot is missing.
  5. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Ingame world hopper will now sort worlds for you.
  6. erickho123

    TRiBot Release 10.4_0

    Try sorting worlds in ingame world switcher to 301-302..
  7. erickho123

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    ExShopper is now fixed. Worldhopper is now working, both versions, ingame and outside. (FYI: Ingame WorldHopper from tribot api is acutally my world hopper, but I will be using TRiBot's now so I don't have to update two apis) As well, I added a failsafe so if you are using RFD chest and it somehow lands into f2p world, it'll world hop.
  8. ExNightMareZone is now fully working. Please make sure you are on latest TRiBot update. As well, the script version should be 1.718