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  1. Just sold 150m without using MM. Won_rsgold always has highest buy prices. Don't hesitate to sell your 07gp.
  2. Sold 5m 07gp and received payment within 3 minutes. This is without a middle man. Don't hesitate to sell to this guy.
  3. Stopping scripts should also logout RuneScape accounts. It doesn't make sense to keep it on. It takes 5 minutes or so for the account to logoff by itself and that's assuming you don't get randoms. How would you feel if you lost valuable items from randoms? Of course there are times when you stop scripts so you can switch to another script. That's why I suggest keeping the original stop script option but also include the logout option as well. The bot panel definitely needs this feature. I would also like to see it on the new Bot overview panel. What are your thoughts?
  4. I love the new feature where you can select accounts and start the scripts all at once but I think it can be improved. Instead of selecting individual accounts why not have the option to select account groups? Just create a group and add accounts from your account list. Should be easy to implement. What do you guys think?
  5. [18:30:17] We are attempting to solve the Combat Random random. [18:32:27] We failed to solve the Combat Random random. (1)
  6. [03:33:02] We are attempting to solve the Jekyll random. [03:34:23] We failed to solve the Jekyll random. (1)
  7. [01:33:29] We are attempting to solve the Pillory random. [01:33:37] java.lang.NullPointerException [01:33:37] at obf.SB.m(bd:62) [01:33:37] at obf.SB.A(bd:126) [01:33:37] at obf.Jb.M(eo:1570) [01:33:37] at obf.Jb.run(eo:645) [01:33:37] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [01:33:37] We failed to solve the Pillory random. (2)
  8. Would be awesome to see all tabs with a single glance. I feel like this would be an important feature. I'm sure others agree with me on this.
  9. When I checked your site earlier it said there was 3 in stock. Obviously you must have updated it not too long ago. Either way I'm satisfied with a refund.
  10. Excellent idea! That would definitely be worth adding into tribot. Hoping the mods get the time to check this thread out, I support this idea, thanks!
  11. Is the null issue being worked on? Its messing up my scripts.
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