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  1. Yeah can't go for more then 20-30 mins without erroring.
  2. [16:17:36] java.lang.NullPointerException[16:17:36] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.k(m:219)[16:17:36] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.run(m:1192)[16:17:36] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[16:17:36] Script Ended: USA Abyss Runecrafter. getting this every 10 minutes...
  3. Does this script still work as of today for those who were lucky enough to download 7/1/2013?
  4. Would pay heaps for this script if it was flawless.
  5. In general this script needs a lot of fixing, currently it's next to unusable for me
  6. Needs a lot of fixes right now, currently I've noticed it doesn't teleport if a player attacks it, it sometimes skips the eating process while banking, it also constantly gets stuck south of edge bank and sits idle for hours. Also for some reason it banked all my pouches but the giant pouch? Please have a fix for the emergency teleport ASAP, can't really bot with it for extended amount of time.
  7. about every 20min it gets stuck accidentally clicking on New User rather than existing user. Anything I can do to prevent this?
  8. 1 guy named l wdym l keeps killing me, is there any possible way to have a feature where it takes the safer route by crossing the bridge before going up the abyss guy.
  9. Cant get this to work, just starts login bot then stops after 20 seconds...
  10. Can you add option to take the 'safer' route by crossing bridge then going up?
  11. So can we get a refund? At what point is this considered scamming? 3 weeks?
  12. A system to recover pouches would be awesome maybe a seperate script that can use the same auth?
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