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  1. cape8761

    jFletcher v1.2

    It could be becuse you've been running it for 1 minute.. can you add an option to change mouse speed?
  2. cape8761

    jFletcher v1.2

    how am i only getting 1k strings an hour when you guys are getting 1.5k?
  3. is the paint for xp a bit off? i am using level 5 enchant at 1.4k cast p/h would i be getting 81.9k p/h?
  4. you say that without providing any proof
  5. if you guys know how to get past leveling and add gui pm me please
  6. Hello, really did not want to make 67k bodies for 99 so I decided to start this script. Creds: Aj. - Majority of scripting Dafk - Paint (working on GUI) What it can do: Green bodies Blue bodies Black bodies To do: GUI for all bodies Red d'hide (If you really want, impossible to get rid of.) Proggy: http://puu.sh/2zEbF If you guys can support with a paint and possible GUI set up, that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. WOW. Thanks for adding one with out Anti-ban. And I agree making this a paid only script is kind of a good idea.
  8. Can you add one with no anti-ban? That is what is slowing it down 100+ chins per hour, the anti ban takes way to long
  9. bot stops because of other peoples strange plants
  10. You know there are other people who can script that have this without paying for it.
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