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  1. Want to make me a bot that scouts raids 1 layouts then holds afk when it reaches a certain set of parameters?
  2. Looking for a simple script that will click the board, make a party, enter chambers, check for specified parameters (raid rooms layout) (3combat 2puzzle) for example; Then will repeat the process & sit afk while remaining logged in until script is stopped.
  3. K y l e

    Super high CPU

    New bot client has super super bad mem leak or something.
  4. Title kinda says it all. What would this cost?
  5. I've found it works as long as you aren't running JDK.
  6. IF YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER A DAY TO RESPOND TO MY MESSAGES GET OFF THIS POST. Hey guys, need somebody who can make me a script that teleports somewhere in wild, kills an NPC (safespot), World hops INSTANTLY if an ATTACKABLE player comes onto the minimap, banks, restocks, and repeats. PM for more info. Thanks.
  7. Doesn’t use teleports once <30 wildy Doesn’t eat if damaged while web walking Gets stuck clicking on safespot if camera is on an awkward angle forcing you to click on higher terrain leaving you off your safespot.
  8. Selling 600m old school gold for Paypal or BTC, will go first if trusted, MM needed if not, $.70/m
  9. Just came back to check my bot and I somehow died and lost 2.5m worth of armour. USE WITH CAUTION. Edit: Figured out it's cause the script stops when "breaking." and desert lizards were my task so when the script went into "breaking" I could never kill the lizard and eventually died.... This should of been properly implemented already. Please fix. GF 2.5m.
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