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  1. or maybe they're just looking for memberships.. obviously you just can't handle getting customers without trolling other peoples threads.. get a life Still 11 cards
  2. I got one too My internet went out while i was on a 54 hour session I love you Tri <3 <3 <3 <3 Except when i get a world i'm alone in, sometimes it will be trying to attack another hill giant i am right beside, and it'll sit there and do nothing, cause i'm already under attack
  3. 100 day cards, 8M ~ 9M, if you're interested PM me with your username, and i will connect with you https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18091-maddys-memberships-osgp-only/
  4. Before buying a pin, please read the Terms of Service 1. I do not issue a refund if you receive what you paid for. 2. I am not responsible for any bans/mutes that may happen to your account. 3. You are responsible for who you are trading with - if it's an imposer it's your fault, unless the imposers name is in the topic, in which case i am responsible. 4. i have the right to refuse doing business with anyone. 5. If the order was not completed in any form - you have the right to a refund. 6. I ONLY accept Runescape 07 GP, I will not change this. 7. You will accept the trade with the discussed amount, immediately afterwards you will receive your Pin Validation Code 8. I WILL NOT add you on Skype.. it creeps me out, Leave your username in my PM inbox. 9. I WILL NOT contact your username, without first sending you a PM with my username, refer to Terms Of Service #3 Buying Format: Have you Messaged Miss-Mayi with your in-game username? - Would you like to use a Middle Man? (you have to pay any fee) - I Understand the Terms Of Service for this trade - The buyer does not have to leave feedback, but it is greatly appreciated, will you? - Now that that's out of the way I receive very cheap gamecards from a friend at gamestop... let's just keep it at that i will be selling 100 Day Runescape Membership pins ($25) for 8M, and 30 Day Membership pins 2.5m - Oldschool GP Remaining 100Day Pins: 28 Remaining 30Day Pins: 12 This isn't so hard is it ?
  5. i can sell a 100 day one for 9m if you want :3
  6. try only clicking it once, and wait a bit.. sometimes it takes a while for mine to start as well :3 this is my new favorite bot
  7. if you didn't come to buy it, why are you commenting.. you don't absolutley have to post feedback lol?
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