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  1. I wish I saw this before I spent HOURS doing this.. Will 100% use for my pure!
  2. Instead of clicking "Allow Connection" click the drop down list and select "Always Allow".. Simple Fix for people who don't know how to click a drop down.
  3. The camera faces north which is possibly the WORST position as it 90% of the time clicks on a crowd and gets you noticed as a bot.
  4. Testing this badboy out now, if it gets me 70 prayer I will donate to this HERO! <3
  5. This is probably the longest progress from this script.. thought it would be nice to share how stable it is
  6. Mouldy

    Crafter v1.25 - Fixed[16.07.2013]

    The GUI doesn't load..
  7. This is a drop-log from today, I got very lucky apparently.. Something to do with the location I am botting at
  8. Whats the best spot for this?
  9. Looking forward to seeing the progress over night, want to get 60 strength from these Will post a report