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  1. I need Someone to make me 2 not very complicated scripts Payment: Bitcoins/RSGP I am going to go first of course, if you are somewhat trustworthy, otherwise we will use a middleman. Can't say what scripts are exactly here but include Alerts/Anti-Afk methods /Trade notification
  2. client crashes for me everytime i start in lobby with acc, windows 7 64 bit
  3. logonet

    [READ BEFORE POSTING] Be specific

    I have purchased VIP only because i thought it would enable me to change sleep modifier settings but it didn't, I really need to change this value, i don't ever care if i get banned i just need to click as fast as possible. with no lags. I don't need anyone's opinion just, how i can enable or fix it. thanks
  4. BUG REPORTING: What was the State during the bug:What was the location:In detail, please explain as much as you can and what the bot was doing (VERY DETAILED): What were you making?:Was it a problem due to a random?: Change Log: Download: Search Asura in Repository and click Add! Could I please get a download link? since its not in respository