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Everything posted by Falmar

  1. Im away from home thats why I'm asking
  2. I need information if it works or not
  3. We've been waiting for it! Thank you for your hard work @TRiLeZ
  4. Flickering makes it almost impossible to bot. Using private script which involves world hopping.. Bot isnt logging back in. Probably becase of flickering. Fix it please or give us an update of whats going on
  5. https://gyazo.com/72865ddcff99d96842a81576ae8c2db3
  6. Probably private or other botting clients, because I see bots there
  7. Congratulations on release I'll try to snipe cheap (unf) potions to get 99 herb for my main soon !
  8. Falmar

    VPS for 2 bots.

    I have 5GB RAM VPS
  9. Falmar

    VPS for 2 bots.

    I've got a feeling that my bot is missclicking a lot using LG and it's generally slower. I dont know
  10. Falmar

    VPS for 2 bots.

    Could you add me on skype? I'll pm you it I cant find where are that servers located.
  11. Falmar

    Tribot Wont Load

    If I were you I'd try to delete .tribot folder (start>open>%appdata%) and re-download client. If that doesnt help try to reinstall/update Java.
  12. Falmar

    VPS for 2 bots.

    Hello, can anyone recommend any good VPS that will be able to run 2 bots with LG so 4 clients in total. So far every VPS I've used was somewhat slowing everything down, but I couldnt watch it real time because it was like 4 fps (maybe because of distance from server). For example after long term bot was making 50k/h, when it was doing 100k/h on my pc. Basically i need good VPS Oh and I'm from Poland
  13. I wanted to buy that elite version, but messed up and bought premium.. Can you refund me so I can buy elite? @daxmagex
  14. Gnome, al-kharid, varrock, falador broken
  15. Gnome course doesnt work after today's update. Script crashes after first nets (after log) Edit : Al-Kharid also [16:50:29] java.lang.NullPointerException [16:50:29] at org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.getModel(om:562) [16:50:29] at org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.isClickable(om:722) [16:50:29] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.ab.g(ClickingMethods.java:75) [16:50:29] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.pb.K(Course.java:66) [16:50:29] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.Main.K(Main.java:166) [16:50:29] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.Main.run(Main.java:123) [16:50:29] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [16:50:32] Script Ended: aAgility [PREMIUM]. Edit2: Draynor looks fine
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