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  1. Im away from home thats why I'm asking
  2. I need information if it works or not
  3. I ordered to renew proxy more than 24h ago and still dont have it Do I have to send a ticket also? @Montreal Im sending it right now. Thanks for fast answer Still doesnt work. Over 48h now Still not working bump Same here. Cmon its been so long @Montreal It's been 6 days now. @Montreal
  4. We've been waiting for it! Thank you for your hard work @TRiLeZ
  5. Flickering makes it almost impossible to bot. Using private script which involves world hopping.. Bot isnt logging back in. Probably becase of flickering. Fix it please or give us an update of whats going on
  6. https://gyazo.com/72865ddcff99d96842a81576ae8c2db3
  7. Probably private or other botting clients, because I see bots there
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