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  1. Probably private or other botting clients, because I see bots there
  2. Congratulations on release I'll try to snipe cheap (unf) potions to get 99 herb for my main soon !
  3. I'd say hunter too
  4. You're kidding, right? Trial and error.. thats the only thing u need to know.
  5. I have 5GB RAM VPS
  6. I've got a feeling that my bot is missclicking a lot using LG and it's generally slower. I dont know
  7. Could you add me on skype? I'll pm you it I cant find where are that servers located.
  8. I wanted to order, but seems like you're out of European servers
  9. If I were you I'd try to delete .tribot folder (start>open>%appdata%) and re-download client. If that doesnt help try to reinstall/update Java.
  10. Hello, can anyone recommend any good VPS that will be able to run 2 bots with LG so 4 clients in total. So far every VPS I've used was somewhat slowing everything down, but I couldnt watch it real time because it was like 4 fps (maybe because of distance from server). For example after long term bot was making 50k/h, when it was doing 100k/h on my pc. Basically i need good VPS Oh and I'm from Poland
  11. I wanted to buy that elite version, but messed up and bought premium.. Can you refund me so I can buy elite? @daxmagex
  12. Gnome, al-kharid, varrock, falador broken