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  1. Are you autistic? This thread was from July 29th fucking retard. That is the thread from the recent downtime.
  2. This is a WIP so everything isn't going to be here at the start. Repository Script GitHub Features Account Creation - Tutorial or just creation Tutorial Island - Next in line 7 Quest Points - (Multiple choices/randomized) Script Arguments displayNameBase:DISPLAYNAME;emailBase:EMAIL;password:PASSWORD;age:AGE;apiKey:2CAPTCHA;world:WORLD;accountIndex:ACCOUNTINDEX;accountsToMake:TOMAKE;completeTutorial:DOTUTORIAL;proxyip:IP;proxyport:PORT;socks:SOCKS;proxyusername:PROXYUSERNAME;proxypassword:PROXYPASSWORD;7qp:DOQUESTS; How to use: (Replace the ALL CAPS words with your settings) These are required DISPLAYNAME - This is the pattern you want to use for the display name. Randomization keys (All randomization must be separated by a | character: &&&& - Uses a X number of & letter real word # - Random number 0-9 % - Random letter (both cap/no cap) Example: &&&&&| |#### - This creates accounts with a 5 letter word, follow by a space, followed by 4 numbers EMAIL - This is the pattern you want to use for the emails. # - Current account index Example: [email protected] - Will create [email protected], [email protected] if your account index starts at 1 and you provided 2 for TOMAKE PASSWORD - This is the password used for the accounts Randomization keys (All randomization must be separated by a | character: &&&& - Uses a X number of & letter real word # - Random number 0-9 % - Random letter Example: %%%%|####|%% - Creates a password with 4 random letters followed by 4 random numbers, followed by 2 random letters. Randomization is not required for passwords. AGE - This is the age used for the accounts (Currently not changeable) 2CAPTCHA - This is the API key provided from the 2captcha service. They solve the google recaptcha for us. Cost is ~3$/1000 captchas https://2captcha.com/ to purchase credits and your api key will be here: https://2captcha.com/setting WORLD - This is the world your account will do tutorial island on (Example: Use 8 instead of 308) ACCOUNTINDEX - This is used when creating multiple accounts with the same email pattern Example: accountIndex:1 - refer back to EMAIL to more information TOMAKE - This is how many accounts will be created in this session. Example: 5 - refer back to EMAIL for more information DOTUTORIAL - This is if the script should complete tutorial island or not. true - Script will do tutorial when it is implemented false - Create next account 7qp - This is if the script should complete 7qp after true - Script will do quests false - Create next account These are not required IP - IP of the proxy to create the account on (Example: PORT - The port the proxy uses (Example: 8080) SOCKS - If the proxys is SOCKS4/5 (true/false) PROXYUSERNAME - Username for proxy authentication (Not required) PROXYPASSWORD - Password for proxy authentication (Not required) After creation: After your accounts have been created, the email/password will be saved in the .tribot location in the DeluxeTutorial folder inside the GeneratedAccounts.ini in the following format email:password email:password Looking to implement this into your own script? Download everything from the repository and follow this example! @ScriptManifest(authors = { "Deluxes" }, category = "Tools", name = "ExampleScript", version = 1.00, description = "", gameMode = 1) public class Example extends Script implements BaseScript { private ACamera camera = new ACamera(); private Bag bag = new Bag(); @Override public void run() { if (Tutorial.start(this)) { System.out.println("DeluxeTutorial took " + Timing.msToString(System.currentTimeMillis() - bag.get("tutorialStartTime", System.currentTimeMillis())) + " to complete."); if (Quester.start(this)) { System.out.println("DeluxeQuester took " + Timing.msToString(System.currentTimeMillis() - bag.get("questStartTime", System.currentTimeMillis())) + " to complete."); //Add your script loop here! } } } @Override public void setStatus(String status) { General.println(status); } @Override public void update(String message) { General.println(message); } @Override public ACamera getCamera() { return this.camera; } @Override public Bag getBag() { return this.bag; } @Override public Script getScript() { return this; } }
  3. Tribot probably requires you to have a verified paypal account. Which would mean your bank must be linked.
  4. Script or ip's you are using are flagged.
  5. You spend 13 seconds googling tribot relogging.
  6. You have to see if its available for the script. If there isn't any mention of it anywhere on the thread it probably doesn't have it.
  7. Script command != script queue. Script command is used for some scripts to set them up without having to fill out a GUI when they load.
  8. You can't use the script queue with the command line. You have to manually start it with that.
  9. Pretty sure USA posted a snippet of this awhile back on some random thread.
  10. Any reason for it? Camera position is based on world locations not tile locations. You would take the Game.getCameraX/Y and divide by 128 then add the Game.getBaseX/Y to get the tile location. Of course its not going to be a whole number as the camera is not bound to tile locations.
  11. .

    VIP-E required for LG nice job reading
  12. Your script must be packaged inside scripts. Example: package scripts; Add that to the top.
  13. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tribot+tile+drawing
  14. It's fucking obvious that his clients are lagging because his cpu is capped. Theres no fucking point in adding more ram in.
  15. ya cuz more ram gonna help his clients not lag lmao dumbfuck.
  16. app

    Expecting tribot updates LUL
  17. Yea no. It's when the proxy is flagged.
  18. Actually if you were able to read, it says you are able to run unlimited free/vip/premium scripts. You still need to own the script to run it. Learn to understand english or ask questions before you assume something that makes literally 0 sense dumbfuck
  19. you buy them retard
  20. Heres a thought, post your issues on the forums.
  21. GitHub: Source: https://github.com/deluxes/Tribot-Repository-Updater/tree/master/updater JAR Release: https://github.com/deluxes/Tribot-Repository-Updater/releases/tag/1 Features: Script Packing (Credits to @AlphaDog for his packer) Custom paths for packing Submission status tracking Submission Queue viewer 2fa login (Not tested tell me if it works) How To Use Download sources Load up in IDE Run the program Fill in your login information and login Scripts that you currently have on the repository will show in the list Click global path and assign it to your src folder. Add paths to to each of your scripts if you have weird path structures. Press the pack button to generate the zips Check the scripts you need to update and press Update Selected Path data as well as login cookies are saved upon retrieval. If you do not want your cookies to be saved, delete cookies.ini after use. Screenshots
  22. Works fine for me, as well as a few others :). Feel free to modify it to your needs.
  23. I mean you have plenty of options to get credits other ways. As it has already been stated, once you are flagged you are unable to get unflagged.