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  1. Deluxes

    Script Review: ErickHo’s Ex Tutorial Island

    Main feature doesn't work 4 stars btw.
  2. Deluxes

    Please welcome our new developers

    Wow you actually finally decided to do something useful.
  3. Deluxes

    Not another worldhopper rant

    yikes learn to use !=
  4. Deluxes

    Why can't I add local scripts?

    If you actually followed tutorials you would already know you don't export the shit to a jar lol..
  5. Deluxes

    How to ReAggro?

    why would you need a second thread for a fucking timer lmao
  6. Deluxes

    How long till log in bot is fixed

  7. Deluxes

    Stack over flow

  8. Deluxes

    Drag Items to Slots

    If statement for dev can be changed to ternary within the x/y declaration.
  9. retard scripters shouldn't have offered lifetime in the first place i agree.
  10. Deluxes

    Method not being called

    Pretty sure your stuff must be packaged in scripts. So your antiban stuff should be in scripts.api.Antiban for example.
  11. Deluxes

    Jerm's AIO Scripting Setup Tutorial

    Methods that return booleans and do nothing else follow is/has/can/should prefixes. Example ArrayList#isEmpty vs ArrayList#remove. isEmpty just returns if its empty or not, while remove does an action inside of the method. https://wiki.eclipse.org/Recommenders/CodingConventions
  12. Deluxes

    Jerm's AIO Scripting Setup Tutorial

    Naming conventions and brace placements/lack of in some places are cancer. More so just a walk through of how you when about doing your script than an actual scripting tutorial.
  13. Deluxes

    House Portal Finding issue.

    Yea its my private api, maybe ill release it some time as I don't really do any tribot shit anymore.