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  1. Weird its like if you look through some of the posts (maybe even recent ones!) there might even be a guide on how to purchase credits with paypal from tribot.
  2. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tribot+pay+with+paypal
  3. Nah its an online forum. You kids need to thicken your skin and get over something that isn't even remotely offensive. What I got banned for on discord wasn't even offensive either its just that the forums are run by a bunch of sjws.
  4. Kids need to be put in their place. If you are too stupid to figure out that paid scripts that cost 25$/month will not be free for paying 6$ per month you need to go back to school as you obviously have some mental disorder. I haven't been able to shit post these little kids as I got a 30 day ban for something that happened in the unofficial discord. No surprise tribot is in the exact same place it was when I left it though. 0 communication from admins, 0 compensation for the downtime 2 months ago. 0 updates. Nothing new I guess.
  5. check if you have gained exp if so set last exp changed variable if not check if current time - last exp changed is greater than X minutes if so end script.
  6. looking glass is a beta feature, that alone probably will not receive any reimbursement.
  7. if by 10% cut you mean 30% yes.
  8. He has a "partner" that is working on the new client with him, but that hasn't gone anywhere as its been in progress since 2015. As far as I've heard he refuses to have anyone help with the current client as he doesn't want to give anyone the source code for it.
  9. rs3 is not supported.
  10. Maybe you meant Player.getAnimation() != -1. Currently, it will only print waiting if the player has successfully mined the rock within 1 second, or if they never started mining.
  11. I don't really see the need in Changing Clicking.click to HelperMethods.clickObject as you don't do anything extra in there. That besides the point, I wouldn't use IDS for finding the portal. This is what I personally do for leaving the house. Of course this uses some stuff in my API to do it, but as long as the portal you are getting is not null, you shouldn't have any issues clicking on it. General.println("Exiting house."); final RSTile lastTile = Player.getPosition(); RSObject portal = Entities.find(ObjectEntity::new) .nameEquals("Portal") .actionsContains("Enter") .getFirstResult(); Interact.with(ObjectPrefab::new) .set(portal) .turnTo() .walkTo() .action("Enter") .movementWait(() -> Game.getSetting(780) == 0 && Player.getPosition().distanceTo(lastTile) > 100) .execute();
  12. As you obviously don't program you wouldn't know. The ability to detect if you have an item selected or not is broken atm. Therefor it never recognizes you have the noted item clicked.
  13. tribots hooks are broken it isn't something that is his issue. Try posting on the thread or messaging him next time dumbass
  14. 50%
  15. pay 10$ to buy it from a reseller