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  1. You put that in the script argument when starting the script. I'd recommend removing your apiKey, otherwise someone could use all your credits.
  2. Works fine for me, does it throw any errors? What OS are you using?
  3. [$7.99] Auto RuneCrafter Elite [Abyss,Normal,Master/Slave] [All Runes/Methods] [ABCL 10] top tier reading abilities
  4. You have to be in the loaded area to be able to get the patch states now.
  5. I'm guessing he is saying the bot is trying to log into a total level world, which causes it to stop working as it cannot log into that world. He would like you to make it avoid total level worlds (maybe have a check box for total level worlds)
  6. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12017437/jvm-memory-why-memory-on-task-manager-difference-with-jprobe-or-jconsole-tool
  7. Because rs3 is no longer supported lol
  8. I'm fairly sure purchasing another instance gives you another one and doesn't extend your current one.
  9. This doesn't even belong here, this is oldschool rs request section.
  10. Well first you need VIP-E
  11. vip allows you to run the free scripts. Really isn't that hard to figure out.
  12. Compensation + timely updates? Lul why update when you can get money without it
  13. Politely hang yourself.
  14. he wants a time period so he knows how much script time he's wasting while the script isn't updated