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  1. Are you autistic? This thread was from July 29th fucking retard. That is the thread from the recent downtime.
  2. Tribot probably requires you to have a verified paypal account. Which would mean your bank must be linked.
  3. Script or ip's you are using are flagged.
  4. You spend 13 seconds googling tribot relogging.
  5. You have to see if its available for the script. If there isn't any mention of it anywhere on the thread it probably doesn't have it.
  6. Script command != script queue. Script command is used for some scripts to set them up without having to fill out a GUI when they load.
  7. You can't use the script queue with the command line. You have to manually start it with that.
  8. Pretty sure USA posted a snippet of this awhile back on some random thread.
  9. Any reason for it? Camera position is based on world locations not tile locations. You would take the Game.getCameraX/Y and divide by 128 then add the Game.getBaseX/Y to get the tile location. Of course its not going to be a whole number as the camera is not bound to tile locations.
  10. .

    VIP-E required for LG nice job reading
  11. Your script must be packaged inside scripts. Example: package scripts; Add that to the top.
  12. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tribot+tile+drawing
  13. It's fucking obvious that his clients are lagging because his cpu is capped. Theres no fucking point in adding more ram in.