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  1. A couple of rules of business. Don't attack any of your previous customers or put them down. Two, don't ever tell anyone what you're making per day.
  2. Good luck would definitely love to see some progress reports once you get closer.
  3. First off, thanks everyone for supporting the thread and if Trilez doesn't allow anyone to change anything in the client, the only thing we can do is organize the ids and present them to him in a way in which he wants them.
  4. Giles/Niles has been fixed, DChickens has it working in his script. The Pheasant one has been fixed and posted as well. Id's are there in the random thread for anything else that I didn't mention.
  5. Of course there's a thread for this and it hasn't been updated in a week. That thread has every possible ID known to man, but nothing has been done about randoms. That's why this thread is here.
  6. Everyone come to the thread https://tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=3799&pid=43396#pid43396 and show your support for a Random Development Team.
  7. Just bumping the thread, because this is truly sad. There is a thread with 30+ pages of ID's for randoms and we can't even get a update on the status of development? I understand we are dealing with teenagers here ,but you have to do a better job of keeping your community updated on your process. Right now the scripters and chase of OSRS GP is keeping the people happy, but once the scripts stop coming, it'll be a riot on here. Update the status threads and if it's too much for you to handle delegate someone to do that. I'm a busy person but it wouldn't take 10 minutes for me to email Trilez, he take 5 minutes to respond and update me on his progress and I update the thread. Everyone stays happy! All we want to know is are the randoms being worked on or not...Thats it!
  8. Someone might as well close this thread, every random/id has been posted. The thread OP doesn't even get updated so no point in having it. We just come here to speculate and watch nothing happen.
  9. Yea ID's are all throughout the thread, randoms should be done. We need to hire a random development team.
  10. Huge vouch for Arcus sold him 12m via Western Union, money was sent in no time!
  11. So no real paint and no video, but you want to offer pre-orders??? Am I missing something?
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