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  1. richardsj1127

    Free Flax Spinner

    Scripts seems to run well. I would suggest making the script automatically turn off the player report option (by right clicking the report button) as I had a few accounts get stuck trying to report other players and did not know to close the interface. Also either removing the antiban delays or at least having the option to disable them would be good. I don't think most people using a bow string script are looking to stay unbanned so I think it's best just to max efficiency. Other than that, thanks a lot for the script!
  2. richardsj1127

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    BUG REPORT Name of quest:waterfall quest Picture of entire screen (rs window (show inventory) and bot debug): https://i.gyazo.com/46344d496b5d8db332e085b343e07ed1.png Detailed description of bug: finished the quest fine but gets stuck sending 100s of pictures to server instead of starting the next quest in the chain of quests.
  3. Ernest the chicken gets stuck at basement opening the same door a lot. on 4 dif accs it was different doors.
  4. @0STARIJENG11 I've personally never had a ban from this script in the limited time I have run it (a little over 100 hours). Compared to other scripts I know from experience that it is definitely on the low ban rate side. I personally think a lot of the bans that do get tossed out are manual and not automatically detected. I use frequent breaks and Looking Glass.
  5. richardsj1127

    Break handler and Looking Glass problem

    I've had issues with this lately and from my experience its due to OSbuddy lag. What has helped me is minimizing osbuddy as soon as it's opened, start up looking glass and simply never maximize the osbuddy client. Ever since I started doing this I have had no issues with the break handler. Hope this helps.
  6. the bot waits too long to use guthans at gargoyles. maybe add an hp option instead of the one you automatically give everyone.
  7. Edit: Will PM you instead
  8. Came back to this script after a long break from Runescape. 1.5m an hour with no unique drops. Still impressed. Great work @Worthy
  9. [23:29:39] java.lang.NullPointerException [23:29:39] at scripts.Tutorial.UsaTutorial.j(UsaTutorial.java:913) [23:29:39] at scripts.Tutorial.UsaTutorial.run(UsaTutorial.java:440) [23:29:39] at scripts.Tutorial.UsaTutorial.run(UsaTutorial.java:440) [23:29:40] Sent session data! [23:29:44] Script Ended: USA Tutorial Island. Been getting this null pretty frequently. Still great script nonetheless, just thought id toss it at you incase you can fix when you get the time.
  10. Interested in the script, wondering if it is still fully functional at the moment.
  11. richardsj1127

    Bot farm/Zulrah

    Logically speaking, saying that botting during workhours makes no difference is simply flawed reasoning. If Mod Weath is the primary reason for Zulrah bans, tell me why botting during his office hours wouldn't increase your chances of being banned. And do you really think that LG doesn't decrease your chances of a ban? Like there's a difference between speaking from experience and speaking out of your ass.
  12. richardsj1127

    Bot farm/Zulrah

    I think it is a good idea and it is something I have been considering myself. Also, I disagree with anyone who says that Zulrah is high ban rate. You simply need to use your brain as far as breaks/times at which you bot/methods of travel etc. If I were to start a Zulrah farm personally, I would never use the cammy teleport > catherby charter method. I would use an afk script to idle in my house with ornate pool, fairy ring, and jewelry box and have my farm set to use my main's house as its method of travel. People have to understand that 99% of these Zulrah bans are either not using Looking glass or they are botting during jagex office hours using methods that a real player wouldn't use. How many players do you think actually use the camelot teleport method to get to zulrah? Answer: not many. TL;DR The Zulrah bans are manual bans by Mod Weath. Bot human times. using normal methods, and not during office hours and you should be good.
  13. richardsj1127

    Agility bot compasion

    I personally think Aropupu's scripts are about as top quality as you can get.
  14. I've been doing 11 hours a day with a few 20 minute or so breaks inbetween. Yes I know that this is really pushing the limits. I use Looking Glass. I try to avoid running the script between 3am-12pm est so as to avoid Jagex office hours.
  15. I'm currently leveling up an alt to run this on and a few scripts I've found to be helpful are aAgility daxCombat