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  1. Maxing 1.4k Bows per hr stringing I get more xp cutting the the logs then I do stringing mouse feels slow
  2. When trying to use it with no VIP, thinks the premium script is a Free version so cannot run it.
  3. I haven't had VIP for a while but I have a lot of premium scripts, when I try and load up a premium script it says that I have used my free script time and I can only use it 2 hours every 3 days (I am trying to use a premium script).
  4. There was an update today that made it so it queued superheating, so if you could make it so the mouse didn't hover over the ore till the other cast was over, instead just cast it when you the mouse was in the position. Also normally you need a delay before opening the bank after superheating an ore that also has been removed.
  5. when banking in ardy it goes through the door then trys to come straight back in and does that till you turn it off. didn't do anything different to the bot then i normally would.
  6. Very good job on fixing it so fast thanks alot! the steel bars is flawless now the only little thing is when you do steel bars you take 9 iron ore and the rest coal (with nats in invo ofcourse) it makes 9 steel bars then hovers over superheat for a few seconds thinking there is another bar I guess. A+ script btw!
  7. just bought the script I've noticed with the superheat sometimes it clicks the ore too fast so it has to manually go back to the mage book and click superheat same with the banking it doesn't like the spell cast for long enough so the click on the bank does not register but other then that it's an amazing script nice one Edit: I've just tried it with gold ore instead of making steel bars, it does the gold ores perfectly but the banking is still too fast it tries to click midway through the spell so it doesn't register the click on the bank.
  8. That is what I ment, for Dh get 51 hp, overload then to stay 1 hp flicks rapid heal on and off every 45 seconds just an idea (:
  9. texan, with the dh method every 45 seconds (or around that time) does it click rapid heal on and off? Thanks.
  10. please may you make it so you have an option to hide paint
  11. it's around 32k~ at seers and pollvinech (lol at my spelling) works perfectly.
  12. give me a couple of days and maybe I could help you out