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  1. How are ban rates on this? Looking to set up a gold farm again after botting the Karambwans for over a year when almost no one knew about it. Is it worth the membership/proxies/vpn/LG-setup ? Also, in BF, how much cash do you need on the accounts? When the banhammer strikes, I wouldn't want to have lost my invested money obviously
  2. Reading some comments and seeing nobody that is hosting. Is hosting still a thing or has it been ruined by fagex?
  3. Is this script still going great for the seller part? Been out a long time
  4. Verison number (Printed in client debug): Combat / Selling Mode?: Selling Description of the bug: For some reason I got into w329, after starting the bot in 330. The bot wanted to switch, but with the new 'autohopper' function in the logout menu, it didn't know what to do. GUI settings, picture only: Normal filled out GUI to sell. Having no problems with this. Print script stack trace: (To do this, when the bug OCCURS, ONLY WHEN IT OCCURS or while it's occuring, you should go on top tribot, and you will see "Script", Press that then go to "Print script stack trace", this should print something to your client debug. Copy and paste whatever it prints (Should be more than 2+ lines) to this field) Client debug log (Pastebin, please, to copy the entire debug to your clipboard, right click the client debug button and click "Copy to clipboard"): Bot debug (Pastebin, please!, to copy the entire debug to your clipboard, right click the bot debug button and click "Copy to clipboard"): Additional information: Just wanted to let you know this, not urgent at all.
  5. Can I ask how many proxies you are stocking a day? Because I just checked and they were out again
  6. Yes I have, playing Runescape in for example Google Chrome works just fine.
  7. Hi, when I try to play Runescape in the Maxthon browser I get this problem: http://gyazo.com/53681f27428336c9d19a18f7bf43605e Anyone who knows how to fix this? Thanks
  8. You have replied after that post I made, so I'll edit it. Haven't watched a video since I haven't come across one. Also, this is what I ment with not answering: http://gyazo.com/61132c9f0f43d559c031275cb240a964 Thanks for the help
  9. Been trying to talk to Tiemposales a few times on skype for the last week. Never an answer, not even when I'm offline. I just bought a proxy and it's working fine on Tribot, but I want it to work on my browser. The site stated that the proxies are SOCKS5 and HTTP: http://gyazo.com/9b03d319e46f38b6432b87fa840724cb How can I use this in my browser? Been trying in Google Chrome but it's not working. Thanks
  10. Sent you a PM since I can't seem to find you on skype?
  11. Hosting, sorry should have mentioned that indeed @lets_be_friends
  12. How are bans going for you all with the 'ExNightmareZoneScript'? I have used it with private proxies from socks5proxies.net, used breaks, and botted for only 12 hours a day max. After 2 days, both accounts got banned. Are you having the same banrate on this?
  13. How do my goldfarmer accounts know that they have to give th items to my mule? Since that would be an other script?