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  1. Currently trying to superheat, if you set up invy it will super heat the items but it wont bank for more. Also if you start with only nature runes in your invy it wont open the bank up to withdraw ore, it just stands there. please fix! @Starfox
  2. solid script bro.
  3. How many would you like to buy: 10 Skype: pmed on tribot. Do you agree to the ToS: yes
  4. Buying one tribot credit for 1m. PM me.
  5. Buying 6 credits for 6m, PM me on tribot.
  6. I tried using the automated system to buy 6 credits with rsgp. Is it not working?
  7. Is it possible to list more than 1 game seller? Ive noticed after awhile the seller that I put into the gui ends up login out and then the script just stops. @erickho123
  8. tried superheating iron ore twice with nature runes in invy and i keep getting the message that I have no runes left. After that the script just ends. please look into it @Starfox
  9. Just purchased this script and let me tell you, I am completely amazed of how great it runs. Also all the extra options that come with it is just jaw dropping. Great script for a reasonable price! thank you.
  10. Next time just set up your own VPS! First of all, it is cheaper and secondly it is obviously way safer.. If you need assistance I am willing to help you on the setup via skype. I will guide you step by step.
  11. There are many shops that sell Fire Cape services here, just look and find one that suits your budget. I wouldn't suggest having a random person do it even if they give you a cheap price. Just pay the average price and get your cape with no risk. Just a suggestion.
  12. Just bought the script like an hour ago and I can't seem to get it to work properly. I've tried fighting orges by castlewars but It just clicks randomly back and forth on the minimap.
  13. F0nzi2, I have been running the script for about 10-12 hrs daily with a break every 3-4 hours. I haven't received any ban yet. Script is pretty badass and I don't think the location matters at all. You will be fine if you just bot moderately and smart. This script is by far the best alcher out of all the scripts I have purchased in the past.
  14. Badass script, I have gone from 55-80 mage in about 2 days of boting moderately about 6-8 hrs a day. Never have I had a problem with the script. I could probably have 85+ mage if I would have bot for 14+hrs a day! Very happy with my purchase and the quality of this script!
  15. Hello, I am interested in purchasing 5-10 quest. Please message me your skype.