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  1. Currently trying to superheat, if you set up invy it will super heat the items but it wont bank for more. Also if you start with only nature runes in your invy it wont open the bank up to withdraw ore, it just stands there. please fix! @Starfox
  2. How many would you like to buy: 10 Skype: pmed on tribot. Do you agree to the ToS: yes
  3. RaTeD

    1 credit 1m

    Buying one tribot credit for 1m. PM me.
  4. Buying 6 credits for 6m, PM me on tribot.
  5. Is it possible to list more than 1 game seller? Ive noticed after awhile the seller that I put into the gui ends up login out and then the script just stops. @erickho123
  6. tried superheating iron ore twice with nature runes in invy and i keep getting the message that I have no runes left. After that the script just ends. please look into it @Starfox
  7. Still buying gold, 2.4/M. Will only go first to trusted people, if not we can use an MM!
  8. 30M/200M bought! Online and still buying 2.4m/M
  9. I can do 2.4/m are you willing to use an MM?
  10. RaTeD


    I will buy all for 2.4/M if interested let me know
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