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  1. Could this be an obvious reason for a bot? I noticed when playing with Tribots API every method for mouse interaction moves the mouse in a perfect line to the point, no curve or offset like a human movement.
  2. Because its a ridiculous concept. Games use 2 different network protocols to send data from clients to servers. These are TCP and UDP. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. UDP is used most commonly within games for sending player movement/mouse movement data. It sends data from the client to server extremely fast because it doesn't wait for a 'handshake'. It just fires off the data and presumes it reaches the server, also known as 'Fire and Forget'. This basically means that some packets of data may not reach the server or some may reach it in a random order. TCP is used for things like chat messages and logins etcetera. It uses a handshake to confirm the data has reached the server correctly and also ensures that it reaches it in the correct order. This is however slow and thus isn't used for many game-play situations that need extreme data firing every millisecond. For RuneScape to use a system to track the mouse movement etc of every player, it would need to be EXTREMELY accurate since its their account at risk if the system fails or gets it wrong. They would need a business-critical system to be implemented and it would require heavy use of TCP protocol since we want all packets about their mouse movement to 100% reach the server and to obviously be in order. For a system to be able to handle this for the 20,000 players online or so during a day, it would require facebook scale server systems with extremely optimized and well designed systems so they don't accidentally DDoS themselves. It's just not possible for them. It would cost millions.
  3. doesnt drink overloads naymore?
  4. does not drink overloads/supers enough.. waits till it goes all the way back to my original str level.. can we have an update where we can specify what level to re-pot at? Great script
  5. all these problems but I have never had 1! Except I died once to jerykll random and lost my berserker ring l0l
  6. bot nuke!!!!!!!!!!
  7. works perfectly for me! Great work Tri, and I prefer it this way, cuts out devloader! All hail Tri!
  8. your not making this bot free are u tri? please dont do that... it will become the most over used bot ever!! we will all get banned lol
  9. So tri I was planning on botting heavily with this bot on my new pure, hows the ban rates currently? also whats going on with devloader? Will this all be sorted soon? Is the bot okay to use now??