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  1. Would it be possible to add arrow shafts as fletch option? So that it just stays in 1 location and fletches shafts (doesnt have to bank since they stack). Thank you
  2. Would it be possible to add a option to fletch arrow shafts instead of bows? Arrow shafts can stack and it doesnt have to bank at all nor drop the logs. Thank you!
  3. Yes, 1 tab/1 client. Not using looking glass. The script will insta go to Phials to unnote planks after selecting a preset. It will keep using planks on him. I have coins, noted planks, hammer and a saw in my inv. It just straight up goes to Phials to unnote even tho the bag is full of planks. I have no idea what I could be possibly doing wrong, there are not many GUI options, deleted hooks, restarted pc/script/tribot. Not using LG and using single tab.
  4. Hi, After this the update the unnoting at Phials is broken. It keeps using the planks on him even if it just unnoted. It will just the note on him again and press "unnote all" over and over.
  5. Heya, Is it normal that it only uses hotkeys for building but not for removing? I have the option enabled but it keeps clicking "Yes" when the question pops up "Are you sure you want to delete this item" Thanks!
  6. Jurii

    Auto Crafter Pro

    Hi, Ive just ran this script after the update and the update has been horrible for me. Now it hops from worlds all the way down on the list to worlds on top of the list. It does this not just once to shuffle but constantly. It will go from world 3 to world 95 and back to world 4 etc. It is very not human like and it speeds down the xp per hour by an significant amount. The old method was working alot better but it was just getting stuck on some worlds, could you make it to just skip that world but keep going down the list? Many thanks.
  7. Jurii

    Auto Crafter Pro

    This world is bugged too, its an LMS world.
  8. Jurii

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    As for a total noob who has never done this, what planting method is preffered? 74+ farm and 85+ agi many thanks
  9. Anyone have a estimate on howmuch grapes this can buy per hour in the RFD chest with a full unlock?
  10. Problem is resolved, your comment to enable “pick up traps before random afking” did the trick, ran it for a good 2,5h and still have all my traps. thank you for your (fast) support.
  11. I just reboot the script with "Pick up traps before random afking" ill let it run for a while and see if that fixes it. If it doesnt ill upload my settings + a screenshot of what happened. Thanks for the quick replies.
  12. There you go mate. Please notice I paused it at the end before ending it (after I saw it was just standing there) the pause had nothing to do with the loss of traps (the loss happened before the pause).
  13. I just caught it happening, it just lost 3 traps at once. It just stood there at 1 place while all 3 traps slowly dissappeared, it did nothing. Below is the debugg, lost all 3 traps. My character just stood there doing nothing, mouse wasnt moving either. Edit: This was not using looking glass. Below is the debug [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap collapsed [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap no longer exists: TRANSITIONING (23029) (58362) (3550, 3449, 0) [18:00:20] [Debug] Running transitioning trap disappearance failsafe... [18:00:20] [Debug] Found fallen trap at (3549, 3449, 0) [18:00:20] [Debug] Found fallen trap at (3549, 3449, 0) [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap no longer exists: TRANSITIONING (23149) (58242) (3550, 3449, 0) [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap at (3549, 3449, 0) is probably ours (Fallen Trap: 120 (954)) [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap at (3549, 3449, 0) is probably ours (Fallen Trap: 120 (303)) [18:00:20] [Debug] Found trapping task: Picking up fallen trap [18:00:20] [ABC2] Sleeping for: 3484 [18:00:25] [Debug] Fallen trap disappeared: Fallen Trap: 5454 (954); (3549, 3449, 0) [18:00:25] [Debug] Found trapping task: Picking up fallen trap [18:00:26] [Debug] Fallen trap disappeared: Fallen Trap: 6070 (303); (3549, 3449, 0)
  14. Hey, I am experiencing loss of traps (net trapping) at green's. Ive started with 14 items (7 ropes 7 nets) and after like 2 hours it's down to 8 items (4 ropes 4 nets). How can I reduce the rate of losing traps? I am not sure where or how its losing them. Using the 3 green spot salamandor spot. Any setting I forgot to enable or something? Thank you. I wasn't using any breaks so it's losing them there.
  15. Any plans to add the Manicial Monkey hunting method in the future? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Maniacal_monkey_(Hunter)
  16. Could potato with cheese or a custom id for food be added? Potato and cheese is bought from the warrior guild and easily accessable for ironmen. Thank you.
  17. Question, I somehow can't read the GUI (and cannot drag to make it bigger). Could you tell post of a screenshot of what it should say? I want to use the AFK mode but I have no idea what each box does. Thanks!
  18. Hi Einstein, I purchased the script but it seems to not be fully working at Fossil Island. It doesnt regcognize the other tree and will stay at 1 tree and wait for it to respawn. Edit: resolved by creating a custom area, not sure why this does work and the regular doesnt but problem solved.
  19. Hi Einstein, I believe I checked yesterday and the woodcutter script was on sale. I missed this sale sadly and was wondering if there is any chance you could prolong the promotion for a day? Thanks in advance Gr Jurii
  20. Heya, What courses are recommended and have a low banrate and what courses should you avoid? You seem to know alot regarding this, hope you dont mind me asking! Thank you
  21. Is there any chance/way to disable this? Being zoomed out/full screen helps so the bot doesnt have to walk via minimap. I understand its been added as a feature but in my opinion it adds so much clunkyness and a "botlike" move.
  22. Hey Naton, Any chance you could look at gold smelting process, specifically the gauntlet switching. I have tried it and it looks very botlike to me. It closes the bank and then swaps to gold gaunts and then proceeds to walk to the conveyor. It slows down the process alot since "legit" players walk to the conveyer and swap the gaunts mid "run". It feels very awkward and clunky, prehaps there are others who see the same? Thank you.
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