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  1. Anyone have a estimate on howmuch grapes this can buy per hour in the RFD chest with a full unlock?
  2. Problem is resolved, your comment to enable “pick up traps before random afking” did the trick, ran it for a good 2,5h and still have all my traps. thank you for your (fast) support.
  3. I just reboot the script with "Pick up traps before random afking" ill let it run for a while and see if that fixes it. If it doesnt ill upload my settings + a screenshot of what happened. Thanks for the quick replies.
  4. There you go mate. Please notice I paused it at the end before ending it (after I saw it was just standing there) the pause had nothing to do with the loss of traps (the loss happened before the pause).
  5. I just caught it happening, it just lost 3 traps at once. It just stood there at 1 place while all 3 traps slowly dissappeared, it did nothing. Below is the debugg, lost all 3 traps. My character just stood there doing nothing, mouse wasnt moving either. Edit: This was not using looking glass. Below is the debug [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap collapsed [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap no longer exists: TRANSITIONING (23029) (58362) (3550, 3449, 0) [18:00:20] [Debug] Running transitioning trap disappearance failsafe... [18:00:20] [Debug] Found fallen trap at (3549, 3449, 0) [18:00:20] [Debug] Found fallen trap at (3549, 3449, 0) [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap no longer exists: TRANSITIONING (23149) (58242) (3550, 3449, 0) [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap at (3549, 3449, 0) is probably ours (Fallen Trap: 120 (954)) [18:00:20] [Debug] Trap at (3549, 3449, 0) is probably ours (Fallen Trap: 120 (303)) [18:00:20] [Debug] Found trapping task: Picking up fallen trap [18:00:20] [ABC2] Sleeping for: 3484 [18:00:25] [Debug] Fallen trap disappeared: Fallen Trap: 5454 (954); (3549, 3449, 0) [18:00:25] [Debug] Found trapping task: Picking up fallen trap [18:00:26] [Debug] Fallen trap disappeared: Fallen Trap: 6070 (303); (3549, 3449, 0)
  6. Hey, I am experiencing loss of traps (net trapping) at green's. Ive started with 14 items (7 ropes 7 nets) and after like 2 hours it's down to 8 items (4 ropes 4 nets). How can I reduce the rate of losing traps? I am not sure where or how its losing them. Using the 3 green spot salamandor spot. Any setting I forgot to enable or something? Thank you. I wasn't using any breaks so it's losing them there.
  7. Any plans to add the Manicial Monkey hunting method in the future? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Maniacal_monkey_(Hunter)
  8. Could potato with cheese or a custom id for food be added? Potato and cheese is bought from the warrior guild and easily accessable for ironmen. Thank you.
  9. Question, I somehow can't read the GUI (and cannot drag to make it bigger). Could you tell post of a screenshot of what it should say? I want to use the AFK mode but I have no idea what each box does. Thanks!
  10. Hi Einstein, I purchased the script but it seems to not be fully working at Fossil Island. It doesnt regcognize the other tree and will stay at 1 tree and wait for it to respawn. Edit: resolved by creating a custom area, not sure why this does work and the regular doesnt but problem solved.
  11. Hi Einstein, I believe I checked yesterday and the woodcutter script was on sale. I missed this sale sadly and was wondering if there is any chance you could prolong the promotion for a day? Thanks in advance Gr Jurii
  12. Heya, What courses are recommended and have a low banrate and what courses should you avoid? You seem to know alot regarding this, hope you dont mind me asking! Thank you
  13. Is there any chance/way to disable this? Being zoomed out/full screen helps so the bot doesnt have to walk via minimap. I understand its been added as a feature but in my opinion it adds so much clunkyness and a "botlike" move.
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