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  1. Do you guys recommend enable to pick up the "infinite spec" power up? Does it net into more xp/hr or is it not worth it? (Using a abby dagger)
  2. Does it buy new absorption pots from the chest when you run out?
  3. Would it be possible to add jade opel red topaz to cutting gems?
  4. Bought this yesterday, Ran it for 13~ hours, averaging 2.5m/hr with 13 kills an hour and only 4 total deaths! Insane script and thank you alot Already made back the price of the script within 1 day! Would recommend to anyone!
  5. Just purchased it, so far working like a charm! Averaging about 1.5m without counting big drops! Thank you!
  6. Its a great script I just have one issue or suggestion In my opinion it does way to much "antiban" that it becomes botlike. What player attacks a ogre and continues to check their XP/friendlist/hovers over their logout button etc ALL the time. Legit people click the ogre and chill till its killed. Make the mouse go offscreen or smt and let it chill for a bit. Its fine if it checks XP and such sometimes, but it happens waaaaaaaaay to much in my opinion and this is what is causing alot of the bans. Never the less, amazing script! Thank you for making.
  7. After the change that added a extra attack style on the trident of the swamp does this script ever fuck up when using it with blowpipe? I know it says on the first page to not use it with a blowpope on a 1 def, but I assume after the added attack style this should not be a issue anymore?
  8. Would you sharing posting your setup (gear + inv)?
  9. If you are a def pure, do not use the blowpipe, as it switches to long range sometimes So as a 1 def pure you recommend using a arma cbow? And it NEVER switches to long range with other weapons? Are you like 100% sure that it doesnt swap to longrange on other weapons aswell? It would be a shame if this ruined my 1 def. Thanks