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  1. i cliick the rocks i want to mine but then nothing happens?
  2. awesomes sold a total of 11m to him no problems fast trades fast payments Vouch Vouch Vouch
  3. well to be honest i wouldn't mind so much because i'm using the trial to get money to buy the 30 days, i just really needed this last day to do so in but if its going to be a big fuss on getting the devs in then i wouldn't bother.
  4. So this is the second time i have brought the Tribot VIP Extended Trial and it is also the second time that it has finished a WHOLE DAY early, I brought it at 5 past midnight with a receipt to prove this and its finished at 9am the next day... this is not 2 days and I don't really care how cheap it sounds but i payed money for services that i'm not getting.. any help or information as to why would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Mine doesnt even start just moves mouse and camera a little bit then nothing else
  6. Not too sure how to post this sorry if deets are abit wrong or dodgey but, i keep getting broken axes when the trees turn into evil trees
  7. All done! no problems sorted out my worries flawless service you ha e my vouch!
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