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  1. I really don't think bans are largely script based, if you bot recklessly I think you will be banned no matter the script
  2. Not to mention the fact that clue solving would presumably have a very low ban rate, as its all changing actions and not a constant farm 12+ hours
  3. Which spot do you guys reckon is easiest/least crowded?
  4. Khanz is really sketchy always on ts talking about hacking other people while talking about VPS service he offers
  5. Well the account that kept getting skulled is now banned, kinda makes me think something is fishy (thinking maybe mod was skulling.) and the other account was hacked/cleaned gg
  6. I've had the same account skulled twice in the past few days, lost whip both times. I know skulling will be a client issue with lag etc, just a warning
  7. Seems completely too good to be true, but, if you get any verification on this I'd love to
  8. Put an account back on VPS after his claims it would be safe now, good fight account banned.
  9. I am only getting high 20's, when I get whips it should go up a lot, atm using rune scims because I was too lazy to do any quest
  10. I tried running script with Glory equipped and also with them just in bank and it never made use of the glory, do you have to use West in order to use Glory?
  11. I'd appreciate if you could confirm this, I was going to set read only but the OS is foreign to me
  12. Glad I wasn't the only one, all the accounts I used on this VPS were banned, ceased use on it. Waste of money imo
  13. Vouch purchased this script today and it is working well thus far
  14. I cannot start mine either, I imagine its his kill switch so he can go premium
  15. Worth a shot I guess, looks like a cool headset