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  1. I just died yesterday while using this script on my 10HP HCIM. I was using cakes, Im not exactly sure how I died. I may not have had enough pieces of warm clothing on, or I had my settings for eating wrong. I had mine set to Eat at 6 +/-1Hp.
  2. Well Rip, Bot worked beautifully on my 10hp HCIM from 50-81 firemaking and then died. Was babysitting it and came back to being in Lumbridge. Not sure what happened. Curious for the future accounts. Anyone here use a 10hp account and get 99 without dying? Curious to know your settings. I had my settings set to eat at 6 +-1 using cakes. Seemed to work well until it died. Was using the Southeast spot, and it randomly would use the Southwest side and then i changed it in the settings to use the Southwest side. Not sure if this had any effect or not.
  3. coolio no rush. already got my 99
  4. Just achieved 99 firemaking using this from 50 firemaking on a 10hp account. took me 649kc. 10/10 will do again
  5. Also, an idea for an antiban feature... Have it periodically check your firemaking level. Like even hovering over it to see the exact xp for a second or two.
  6. Since I wasnt watching it, and since i went from 50-95 without a single death, and the only change I made at the time was setting the Tribot break handler, I am going to assume it caused the issue/death. Used it again without the break handler and just did 96-97 with no deaths.
  7. Would love for this to be an option. Great script btw
  8. I have been using this on a 10hp skiller alt and I have mine set to eat at 4hp +/- 1hp and it has been flawless from 50-96 with exception to a death that occured about 5 days ago. Which I am attributing to me using Tribot's break handler... up until this I had just been letting the script run continuously for 4-6 hours then I would manually stop the script and leave wintertodt and bank all my items. Not sure if you were also using the Tribot break handler but Im pretty sure thats what caused my death.
  9. I agree, sounds like you were unlucky. I botted over 500 kills before my first ban which was over 2 year ago. I was stupid and botted like 6-10 hrs a day for like a month without using human mouse movements or looking glass. I was fortunate and only got a 2 day ban. I stopped using the script for like a year after the ban, then i started using it again with human mouse movements and looking glass on the same account. Got almost another 1000 kills before it got perma banned. This time again I was botting almost 4 hours every day or every other day.
  10. Why does it run to the doors when it still has plenty of food and inventory space? Then run right back to the brazier after it gets the loot crate? That seems very bot like.... Makes way more sense to just stay in the area of the roots cause its pretty much there right up until wintertodt dies anyways.. Yeah I understand that might mean possibly getting hit a couple times. This should be an option.
  11. im at 92, almost 93 and still not banned
  12. were they somewhat fresh accounts? or is it possible your ip was flagged? Using Looking Glass with the ABC2 reaction timer?
  13. unless you have a ton of zulrah accounts, dont get too greedy. I did 40-80 kills a day and ended up with a ban after 1.5 months. use breaks
  14. before i got banned i could get 2 kills minimum every run, sometimes 3. Using full elite void, mage arena 2 cape, eternal boots, occult necklace, toxic trident, mages book and a blessing, blowpipe with addy darts, anguish, newest avas device from ds2, . with 95 range/mage. 123 combat use high healing food like manta rays and like 4-5 karambwans. 2 ppots, also had augery, used magic and ranging pots and zulrah teleports. that setup would get me about 20 kills/hour and maybe 1 death every 3 hours.
  15. Made it to 90 today. Still not banned.
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