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  1. of course it wont make you invincible. But if your botting something on a high level account or an account you care about. that extra little bit of potential antiban is well worth the money. Ive also tested regular bot client vs looking glass on premium scripts and it does seem to make a difference on ban rates.
  2. Looking glass = A Must Use feature to me to not get banned.
  3. In addition to not using looking glass, you are using a proxy. The proxy(or proxy group if you have multiple) is probably flagged.
  4. HP Laptop with Dual Core I7-6560u @ 2.2ghz (Turbos to 3.4GHz), 40GB DDR4 1066 Ram, Nvme SSD Drive. This is a new Error since Tribot 11 updated from 11.1.0 to 11.1.1 and 11.1.2. It did not happen on 11.1.0. The combination of Tribot and Osbuddy is not utilizing more than 60% of my cpu at any given time.
  5. Just Purchased 400M osrs. Quick Response and fast delivery once ID Verification and Credit Card Verification is done. I am not a fan of either but If you dont mind the 5-10 minutes it takes to do that then buy elsewhere.
  6. Wanted to buy 250M which equated to $155 via my Visa, but it had a whopping $28 in fees...... pure insanity.
  7. Ive been trying to buy gold from him for over a week. was gonna buy 250M from him but the price in cart is only giving me the price for 20-39M and his live chat is not live even when it shows as being live. I have contacted via his live chat form/website him multiple times and never received a response. Guess I will pass and find someone else.
  8. Nope. Just a direct Wifi Connection to my router. I disabled my Firewall Entirely thinking that it may have been blocking something, but it is still happening. Here is a fresh error from today: https://pastebin.com/eeG4QaEt There is nothing in the Tribot loader proxy settings either. It seems to happen the first time I try to run it each day, and after it crashes. If i close it and start it and osbuddy again it works fine the next try.
  9. Getting a very large error with Tribot and Osbuddy. Here is the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/ehcLRYti This issue doesnt happen all the time. It hooks into osbuddy and loads for a few seconds. but then freezes and a few seconds later. The error enters the logger and Osbuddy just disappears. Isn't running at all. I notice from looking at the code that it is trying to connect to, which is my computer. and it its getting a refused connection....
  10. I dont understand what changed. Today I go to run the bot for a few hours and now I am only getting like 9FPS with Looking Glass. Edit: I figured out the issue. The issue is that when it ran at 50fps it was on Tribot 11.1.1, when I ran it and was getting 9FPS, it was on 11.1.2. So whatever they changed from 11.1.1 and 11.1.2, it messed up the performance for me..... Just letting you folks know in case you are experiencing fps issues with this script.
  11. Super impressed. This thing runs flawlessly with Overloads and Prayer pots while praying melee. Im using Osbuddy with Looking Glass and getting 48-50 FPS. No other scripts ever get that good FPS. Not sure if its partially due to the new Tribot Client or if your script is just really well optimised. But I am stoked. Its tempting me to let it run for a very long time, but I shouldnt be greedy lest I get the banhammer.
  12. How old is the account? was this account members for very long or mostly f2p its entire life?
  13. Thanks for responding. I didnt know you could tell the openable doors by color. Since this is the case, I feel alot better about the script knowing the correct routes. Also, I wasnt trying to be problematic or anything, just wanting to improve upon the bot for everyone and was worried about it seeming knowing the correct path every time without fail. Im purchasing it now and looking forward to using it on my Ironman. Also, +1 for support on using Ibans for ironmen and low level accounts.
  14. You are mistaken. They have overlays for barrows brothers and percentage of rewards. and they have an overlay for the puzzle door. But they do not show the openable doors on the minimap or painted on screen. If you see that on your runelite or osbuddy, then tell me what versions you have....because mine dont do that, nor do they have that available in the options. See my screenshot.
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