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  1. go to user panel. but the script is broken wont fly on the balloon just sits there saying finishing dialogue, wouldnt advise botting here for now i got 5 accounts banned last night, with the rest stuck in the frog random.
  2. AMAZING. Thats all i can say, scripter is one of the friendliest guys here on tribot, i offered to pay him to add an addition to the script and he declined, there was a few problems at first but he fixed within minutes. I am very impressed with what this script can do and future scripts that come from erickho123
  3. flawless from what ive seen, sometimes it takes a little long clicking on alter, but the script is flawless. ran for 6+ hours on a few different accounts
  4. 30 or 90 Day?:30Quantity:4Contacting me through Skype or PM:skypePayment Method:07Will you go first or MM: mmWill you leave FB?: yes yes
  5. When runescape updated last night my small bot farm got destroyed. Had 7 accounts running - 6 were banned. The only one that wasn't was an account that requested to enable an ip for a certain world, so he wasnt able to connect. I assume what happened was the other 6 repeatedly tried to login to a world even though there was a "Runescape updated, please reload the webpage" message that was popping up. So my suggestion is to make something detect either runescape updating screen and quit the script, or to make it automatically quit if it hasn't logged in after about a minute, considering some scripts involve switching worlds. Thoughts?
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