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  1. Specifically money making? I've been absent from OSRS for almost two years but the ban rates were quite high when I left. I'd be looking to get a small bot army running, potentially using different scripts and completely different activities. Is it worth the time/effort to make some extra buck? I also know it'd be down to how careful I am, but what's the general ban rates looking like? Cheers!
  2. Main account Standard heap size 1024mb Hadn't done zulrah
  3. I was just perma banned after only 6 hours of run-time (Macroing Major). Not sure if I was just unlucky, but I watched it and I couldn't see any flaws. I was running on the standard TriBot client & VIP extended (for the human mouse movements).
  4. Thank you!
  5. Do you know how I'd go about doing this? I just purchased 8 more credits, but if I go to buy VIP extended it says it'll cost all 8, rather than 2 for an upgrade.
  6. Hey, I was interested in buying VIP for the human mouse implementation but mis-read and didn't realise it was for VIP-extended. Would it be possible to get my standard VIP refunded so I can purchase the extended? I literally only just bought it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry if you've answered this one already. I saw you said Jagex don't do IP bans. However, I have an account I actually play on from time to time, as well as a brother who plays. If I was to run a small bot farm (5-10 bots), should I expect the accounts we play on to be banned too? They would all be used on the same connection.
  8. Not sure where you've been but tons of goldfarmers have been banned in the past two weeks, and also many people have lost their mains in the process. They're definitely picking up on them and it's quite possibly I could be banned, I just don't want my main to go down as well.
  9. I'm considering running a mini-goldfarm of around 5-6 bots on a VPS, so it'll be on a completely different IP to my main account I use on my IP. However.. I'd be buying memberships on the accounts using the same PayPal account I used to buy membership on my main. If my botting accounts were to get banned, could Jagex link the PayPal used to my main account and ban it too? I'm probably just being paranoid but better safe than sorry I guess.
  10. That's pretty worrying. o.o
  11. I don't get it, people say they run this script for a few minutes and get banned, but then others are going fine with 10+ accounts. What's the secret?
  12. I only want to run around 4-6 bots but was just wondering if I should make them all with the similar emails and the same password (for convenience) or is it safer to make them different?
  13. I'm no expert but VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. To put it simply, it's a machine that somebody owns and it's rented out to other people. In terms of botting, it means you can run bots on another system which you can control via your own. It's basically yours for the time you rent it out for, they cannot and will not (providing it's a legitimate VPS) interfere with what you're doing on it and your details are safe. For example: https://fragvps.com/ If you scroll down on that link, you can see several different plans. You can control these systems online and you don't need to have your own computer on etc. Hope that explained it well enough.
  14. Edit: Nevermind, I didn't read FAQs. For anyone wondering, it is possible.
  15. Sorry if this has been asked before but does TB allow multi-instance? IOW, will I be able to run two of the same script on the same computer? Just wanted to check before I purchase VIP.