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  1. Specifically money making? I've been absent from OSRS for almost two years but the ban rates were quite high when I left. I'd be looking to get a small bot army running, potentially using different scripts and completely different activities. Is it worth the time/effort to make some extra buck? I also know it'd be down to how careful I am, but what's the general ban rates looking like? Cheers!
  2. Main account Standard heap size 1024mb Hadn't done zulrah
  3. I was just perma banned after only 6 hours of run-time (Macroing Major). Not sure if I was just unlucky, but I watched it and I couldn't see any flaws. I was running on the standard TriBot client & VIP extended (for the human mouse movements).
  4. Purchased wrong VIP - refund?

    Thank you!
  5. Purchased wrong VIP - refund?

    Do you know how I'd go about doing this? I just purchased 8 more credits, but if I go to buy VIP extended it says it'll cost all 8, rather than 2 for an upgrade.
  6. Purchased wrong VIP - refund?

    Hey, I was interested in buying VIP for the human mouse implementation but mis-read and didn't realise it was for VIP-extended. Would it be possible to get my standard VIP refunded so I can purchase the extended? I literally only just bought it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Answering all questions on Bot Farms.

    Sorry if you've answered this one already. I saw you said Jagex don't do IP bans. However, I have an account I actually play on from time to time, as well as a brother who plays. If I was to run a small bot farm (5-10 bots), should I expect the accounts we play on to be banned too? They would all be used on the same connection.