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  1. I bought this script because your merchanter was so good, but I am very disappointed with this script. It always stops, I cant run it more than 1hr. I just started it and it made it to the nature altar and said We've arrived. Even if this is caused by lag it should be able to continue or 'redo' the action it is on. for example if this problem is caused by lagging as you enter the rift it should see after x amount of seconds that if you still have ess you should craft it into runes and then tele. Please fix this, I am no where near profit on this script.
  2. it gets hung up on clicking an empty vial and it randomly just stands there.
  3. When crafting natures after entering rift it says "sleeping for altar "and just sits there
  4. it stops at the nature altar randomly, sometimes after 2 trips sometimes after 35 mins.
  5. was running well on fires the first time I ran it, had to restart computer(unrelated) and ran fire crafter with p ess tiara and dueling ring and it seems to always run to the observatory(north of cwars).
  6. It doesn't recognize the coins in my inventory
  7. After 5 to 10 minutes it says out of required items and logs out. I sometimes come back to check on it and im standing one step outside of the pc bank.
  8. keeps stopping saying out of supplies and I log back in standing outside but right next to bank. also gets mixed up withdrawing addy ore and coal, it will end up with a near full inventory of ore and only 6 coal don't know if that helps
  9. great script but sometimes it clicks outside of the bank almost like it double clicks the (X) to close the bank. Also sometimes it gets mixed up and withdraws too many ores. ex: it will have 21 adamant ores and it uses the left over coal from the previous inventory to only make 1 bar then it withdraws all coal which there is room for 6 banks the 1 bar banks then bank the other addy ores only to withdraw them again. These issues make the user look suspicious. I have been asked why do I keep running outside. A new issue has arisen where I bank the nature runes and the script stops itself.
  10. i cant get it to work either I enter the herb id for unf pots and then the bank id and it just sits there
  11. nissanownz

    Crafter v1.25 - Fixed[16.07.2013]

    can anyone answer this i'm having the same problem. EDIT: Nevermind I restarted my comp and it showed up