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  1. Explains the people using runeloader getting banned and all the complaints about it
  2. I botted an account from 1 to 86 str, Got a 2-day ban, Started botting again after the ban, it's on 96 str now Bans are random at times, There's no schedule for your ban, Sometimes its just bad luck (or good luck if you don't get banned)
  3. The 'Move it, Move it, Move it!' does it
  4. Here is a cool proggy that I thought was worth sharing, I was going for the 100+ hours but sadly member ran out on the account lmfao
  5. Nice avatar
  6. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Runescape+Oldschool+Item+ID+List
  7. Nobody is telling you to use it, If you don't feel comfortable doing so -> Don't
  8. https://tribot.org/repository/ Click on 'Me' on top
  9. Look on the instance manager https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/
  10. I have a lot of bannad accounts, I really hate it when jagex bananas me
  11. Sick website 10/10
  12. Anime avatar, Anime signature... says a lot about you
  13. If the above reply didn't work, try leaving your house for 3 hours and try again
  14. It's easy money, You just have to know what buttons to press
  15. Gains