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  1. Does it support anti-venom?
  2. @WorthyDoes this script support mage only?
  3. Cheers for the info.
  4. Looking at currently making an account to bot this and I'm just wondering what the best build would be? Would 60 def work with 85+ mage and range? Or should I go for 80 def with 90+ mage and range? I currently have an account that's 60,85,60 and wanted to keep it at 60 def if possible, what mage and range would I need to get it to be semi-efficient?
  5. Have you contacted Crimson: Yes Amount of accounts: 1 Brief description of order: MM2 quests Have you read and accept our ToS: Yes
  6. Love this script, I got a minnow fisher to 45m xp running 12 hours a day with no breaks before getting banned. Real solid script @Encoded!
  7. @Naton When I set it to my rockcake at greater then 1 hp it doesn't.... Sometimes I look and I'm like 5-7 hp. Is there a setting I'm missing or something?
  8. @Naton Really like the scrip! Are you able to make it so it you have the option to walk to one of the corners instead of random? Like SouthEast or SouthWest? Also mine isn't guzzeling the rockcake as soon as it hits 2 hp, sometimes it's 5+ until it does it; is this a setting I have to change somewhere?
  9. Don't waste your time going anywhere else. This mans a G, always a quick and easy transaction. Thank you once again.
  10. Too quick, Too easy. His the man every time his online. Thank you once again for the credits.
  11. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Having an issue when starting the script says 'Could not read ID list from server'? and the gui wont pop up
  12. Just wanted to share my experience with their questing service. Paid gp to do a few quests, was told 2 hours, came back to check if they've completed it was then told another hour. An hour later was told another 2 hours, then after 2 more hours was told another 30mins. Took 6+ hours all up when I was originally told 2-4 before I placed the order. Only reason I left neutral feedback and not negative is because it was done, also didn't get the BA item from the experienced quest service. Also required me a lot of time to follow up because I wasn't given an order number.
  13. Have you contacted Crimson: Yes, on Discord Amount of accounts: 1 Brief description of order: Kings Ransom quest line. Have you read and accept our ToS: Yes.