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  1. Login bot not working

    When using looking glass the login bot isn't working for me 90% of the time. Any ideas?
  2. Love this script, been botting Minnows 12-14 hours a day no breaks and still going strong. Bot also did Full anglers in about 8 hours.
  3. Remotely accessing my computer

    Use Chrome remote desktop next time, I use it all the time and you don't have to have a program open or anything. I access it from my phone, real easy and simple to use.
  4. Looking for someone to do my economics homeowrk

    Found someone that can help. Thanks for all the offers :).
  5. Looking for someone to do my Economics homework (university level), only 3 questions, here's a sample: Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (a monopoly firm) has the following demand (average revenue) function: AR = 100 – Q The marginal cost of production is given as constant and equal to $10 a) What is the equation for the MR function? In showing this equation for the MR function explain the relationship between average revenue and marginal revenue. Determine the profit maximizing level of output of the firm (1 mark) Shoot me a PM with a cost (GP), happy to pay for MM or what ever.
  6. Auto Cooker

    Thanks for 99 cooking @Encoded! Ran the script 10-12 hours a day no breaks :).
  7. Two Factor Authentication

    I got back in lol, thanks though. I was logged in on another computer.....
  8. Two Factor Authentication

    Lol.... I had Tribot logged in on another computer so I was able to fix it!
  9. 45-80 Thieving

    I've botted one account using the aPlunder script 14 hours a day until 99 and didn't get banned, currently doing the same with another account and it's at 92 atm. I have had two accounts that were banned using it but my IP was flagged. Would recommend the script, I don't believe breaks make much of a difference tbh.