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  1. Yeah, I've had a lot of accounts get 99 fishing at minnows. A few accounts have had 100m+ xp before being banned, it's a really good script!
  2. I'm struggling to crack anything higher then 250k an hour with Ice gloves. Is that expected or do I have an option that's slowing me down?
  3. Ahh okay that must have been it, I think it was veracs or maybe Guthan. Seems to be fixed now though.
  4. @Netami I ran into another issue, for 2 hours my bot was just going in and out of the tomb - resetting the script fixed it but any ideas what caused it? There was nothing in the Debug on tribot.
  5. @Encoded The script starts fine for me, but it ends when this error pops up and it seems to happen randomly. I've tried deleting the hooks and a clean install, is there a way to turn it off from my end or is there anyway I can troubleshoot it more for you?
  6. It's just @Encoded Auto fisher. I restart it a few times and it works, but sometimes it cuts our 6 hours in and I don't realise.
  7. @Netami I'm still having issues with the script, it keeps dying randomly and also has trouble entering the tombs sometimes. It just stands there on the first brother and says "Entering tomb" but doesn't click anything. Also, when it dies it says "Died at Dharocks" but it died in the tunnels vsing karils...? I've deleted the .tribot folder and the .dat rs files, it still happens - any ideas?
  8. Anyone get an error saying "[ERROR] Sending statistics to web server"? I keep getting it randomly and then my script stops. If I have 4 bots running on a computer it might happen to 2 or 1 of the clients, not all. Any ideas?
  9. @Netami Sorry about the spam, I can't edit my last post... Here's the other error I'm receiving, bot seems to run fine for a few hours then just randomly stop: [20:07:48] java.lang.NullPointerException [20:07:48] at scripts.nBarrows.s.k.j(HandlePuzzle.java:48) [20:07:48] at scripts.nBarrows.s.k.i(HandlePuzzle.java:58) [20:07:48] at scripts.nBarrows.s.j.j(SolvePuzzle.java:9) [20:07:48] at scripts.nBarrows.Barrows.run(Barrows.java:138) [20:07:48] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [20:07:51] Script Ended: nBarrows.
  10. Nope, I just have the animation issue.
  11. Yeah I do the same and it hasn't been an issue before for me either until yesterday/today ish. Another issue is the script keeps stopping saying animation error. @Netami any ideas? The error just says [16:09:56] Animation failsafe activated, ending script.
  12. My bot has been randomly stuffing up also, it seems to die in the tunnels a lot more frequently and it has trouble recharging the trident of seas.
  13. @Netami Love the script! Just a question, in your signature you have the stats for all users, is there a way I can view just mine?
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