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purple haze

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  1. purple haze

    Congratulations to Todd

    Gratz mate
  2. Was using a free fletching script wasn't bad on cash but the ban rate was pretty bad. I hope this script does me well
  3. purple haze

    auto pmer

    Haha that would be nice, a random "joke pmer"
  4. purple haze

    Questions for a New Botter

    Lol was wondering how to get rid of that.
  5. purple haze

    How can I access the Human Mouse Program?

    No it should add automatically if it's activated in the settings
  6. purple haze

    Varrock Museum mini-quest

    Would be pretty nice for low level players
  7. purple haze

    Tribot Loader Not Working.

    Thank you very much, I was getting the same problem as "bighead55" your solution fixed it up