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  1. 1. Script Author: Leespiker 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 4. What type of duration did you purchase: Lifetime 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): http://imgur.com/a/Z3jN9 6. Issue(s): The script does not function the way it should
  2. Thanks for reply, it's not just a few people ecperiencing it i think, a trusted member "artic" was also getting the problem when i was trying to buy credits through them.
  3. Weird i haven't changed it or anything since the last time i bought credits.
  4. purple haze


    Looking to buy 8 credits for $9 USD. For some reason it's not letting me purchase credits anymore so i hope someone can help me out.
  5. I bought credits for VIP the other day fine, but today i went to purchase more credits for a script then it started giving me this " We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. " Does anyone know why it has started suspecting my Paypal account to be fraudulent? My email is verified and i am using Paypal balance not credit card/bank account. I am not using a proxy and i have used my Paypal to purchase credits multiple times.
  6. Buying 5 credits for 200k Deadman mode gp. Only trading with trusted users. Will go first.
  7. purple haze

    Furky's Service

    Indeed lol
  8. Buying 9.5m RS07gp for $22 USD. Going first to trusted members otherwise we will need a mm.
  9. Goodluck on your project, maybe i'll check it out when you're finished
  10. Was using a free fletching script wasn't bad on cash but the ban rate was pretty bad. I hope this script does me well
  11. Goodluck, Might use your tutorial island services soon
  12. yeah haha, going to be turning this account into a main. I'm just recently coming back from some bans haha, my fault was botting pretty stupidly
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