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  1. could you fix it so it hops properly? when it logs out to hop it just keeps changing worlds and says successfully hopped worlds but wont type the info in. ive made sure the script knows I'm running it under the account it just wont type in the info
  2. I live in the us and try my best to avoid botting during uk hours also things like bowstrings and the simple money makers are just obvious and detectable
  3. Made me a flawless script in like an hour, for the best price. Definitely first choice as a scripter
  4. private paid
  5. private paid. Pm me for info
  6. How long are you online on weekdays/weekends?: every day 5 hrs minimum weekends (10h+/day) What is your Time Zone: eastern Do you have a 20M 07 Gp Deposit (Asking to work for the deposit will result in a BLOCK) : yeah What kind of things can you do for our services (Questing, Torsos, etc)?: questing, pest control, powerleveling, firecape service (defence only), tut island creation etc What is your skype? : added you (king Justin) Why would you like to work for my services?: seems interesting, never came across anything as so Do you agree to the TOS?: yes
  7. how much do private scripts generally cost?