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  1. [16:24:28] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. Not even running 1 instance of this script and I'm getting this...
  2. @Usa Thanks man. Besides those silly bugs the script ran great (:
  3. Using the trial. Found a bug. Cannot add non tradeable items to looting bag. Also started spamming stuff nonstop when I turned on auto responder. There wasn't even anyone in the area and it just started spamming lol.. Also why does this only work with a glory? Why can't I just run with 3 item risk. Food and thats it.
  4. Yanille essence mining is way buggy. Takes off running towards port khazard and if I just let it goes ends up at white wold mountain and shuts down.
  5. Why is 85 Magic required?
  6. @Tri Could you please check out the pathing at Ardougne chaos druids? Its always buggy and uses the shortcut log about 25% of the time.
  7. From my experience the ban rate is just the same as it was before you had the 2 day.
  8. Just bought this. Why does it keep snaring and catching imps that I don't have selected.. I double checked my settings and restarted tribot..
  9. Using bone bolts does not work for whatever reason. keeps saying out of arrows. I even have bone bolts selected. Not sure if the ID changed or what. The Id for bone bolts is "8882" and its exact name is "Bone bolts". Thanks
  10. When will world hopping be fixed? It keeps trying to hop to skill world. This should have been fixed a long time ago...
  11. Suicide thieving farmers in lumbridge is broken. it just runs around a few points looking for him and pauses.
  12. Working good so far at Al-Kharid. Port Phasmatys is broken when running back to bank.
  13. My script just disappeared. I bought the 12.99 per auth lifetime option and it I haven't ran it in awhile and I just ran it tonight and it went for around 5 minutes and stopped. I then went to re run the script and it was gone/ I checked teh repository here and it was gone. I even checked my purchase history and there is nothing there.