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  1. fast and trusted
  2. you cant sell credits if you have less than 100 posts
  3. still not eating, u sure its tribot fault?
  4. i got 4 core processor intel quad and 4 gb ram. Isnt enought to run 4 games in java at the same time >.<?
  5. im trying to bot at 4 accounts at the same time and got mega lags. Its possible to lower cpu usage?
  6. can't buy vip >.< paypal saying to use other payment method
  7. could you add falador west mine trough cracked wall please ??
  8. i know that its about luck. I want to ask someone experienced in goldfarming
  9. so any good ideas where can i set goldfarmers ?
  10. I've been picking flax for 4 hours and my 5 accounts got perm banned. How it is possible? Maybe they got new bot detection system. I tried to set break handler but isnt working at all. Any ideas how to prevent getting banned at least for 4-5 days?
  11. Can you tell me where can i buy vip for 07 gold?
  12. bs not working, i did everything in instruction
  13. can someone tell me how long can survive a goldfarmin account? 2 days? month?
  14. Hello there, i have question. Can someone tell me how long can survive a goldfarming lvl 3 character without getting banned?And account can be banned when i use this account only to collecting all stuff that i farmed without botting??
  15. My vip is about to run out, so i want to ask for something. Can i buy vip without having credit card? I bought vip month ago by sending money on my paypal and then buy vip voucher. Can i do it exactly the same after this rework of purchases?