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  1. you cant sell credits if you have less than 100 posts
  2. could you add falador west mine trough cracked wall please ??
  3. bs not working, i did everything in instruction
  4. Finally i started it, my problem was in level range. I tought its my str level range from 77 to 80 or something xD not the monster level. U should make one very important failsafe. I usually bot at ghouls and ocasionally bot goes stuck behind graves. If u could make bot will repeat attack action, when got no action for 10 seconds or something. Hope i understand what i mean
  5. This script doesnt work for me. There's no guide how to run it. I set all settings and my bot just does nothing. Anyone can help me please?
  6. lite mode on dude lite mode >.,<
  7. So its bot fault that he can't attack ghouls, not mine ?
  8. my bot doesnt attack ghouls, maybe after update ;/
  9. ranged exp counter doesnt working, also knife picker is laggy :/
  10. im kinda dissapointed, bot doesnt pick knives. Working kinda laggy :/
  11. I wait for ham clue scroll pickpocket :3
  12. Finally started it . Its very good but i found some bugs. When giant fish drop yours rod bot wont pick it up. Also fails with sandwich lady and combat random