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  1. Just added you on skype Sold to @Cameron5611, thanks!
  2. I got this game with my laptop and I don't like Assassins Creed. I haven't even scratched the little thing to reveal the code. I'll take 3M 07GP
  3. HintofLime


    Here's what's most likely going down. Scripts make similar mouse movements, and I know they're "Randomized" but eventually they'll run the same course, take the same breaks (the script, not the break handler), etc. Jagex obviously knows this, it seems they take the "most popular bots" (fishing, hunter, woodcutting, firemaking, fletching, etc) and watch them for a bit, teleport them to these worlds and I bet they have a team or a bot that watches the mouse movements and general behavior of the bot. If someone already posted this theory, whatever. Just a thought.
  4. So i've been using the script for the last 24 hours, a few things I've noticed... It's really slow in combat, as far as detecting that it's in combat. It's slow when it switches to the spec weapon (DDS) and sometimes switches while it's out of combat and just waits for a minute expecting for an attack from a monster. Other than that, it's flawless. Edit: Also, I've noticed while it's at the lesser demons it'll randomly walk away from them, teleport out of the dungeon when it gets a random event (strange plant, evil chicken, the ones that don't teleport you away from location). Edit2: I just watched it teleport out of the dungeon upon arrival for no reason (checked the logs), deposit my super set (4), take them back out, and walk back. Edit3: Another thing, sometimes it fails to right click monsters, it'll just click off of the monster several times before a successful right click to attack.
  5. Does this support getting into the lost city with the staff? Haven't done the quest for fairy rings.
  6. I've been botting two accounts, both at the same time, both on the same computer, for the last week and a half and they're doing fine. I played on both of these accounts legit for a week or two, now I bot my regular playing hours, and shut them off when I go to sleep. Currently working on getting all skills 40+, so far combat is done. I botted combat at rock crabs, which is usually a high banrate. I don't know, seems fine to me.
  7. HintofLime


    In my experiences, this problem is caused by an unstable internet connection. I could be wrong though.
  8. I just came back to the community only to find an extremely high ban rate. While this sucks, I want to put it to the test. I'm getting ready to start a combat bot on my low level members account. I made this account to play legit, but you know how that goes. I'm hoping I won't get banned, but I probably will. I'll keep you guys updated. If you're reading this to be sure it's safe to bot, don't risk an account you don't want to get banned. At this point, it looks like the majority of people are getting banned pretty quick.
  9. Well I shouldn't have just bought VIP haha.
  10. Well good thing you didn't go write a bunch of code.
  11. Thanks for releasing the source with some solid notes. I'll be using the script when I start woodcutting! I'll keep you posted. ~Hint Side note: You should look into posting your source on http://pastebin.com/ and providing a link for us instead of filling up your post with code.
  12. Hey man, I'm getting this error on start. [23:57:20] Script Started: Original HGK.[23:57:20] Original HGK: GUI OPENED[23:57:30] Original HGK: Food ID: 379[23:57:30] Original HGK: Number of Food: 10[23:57:30] Original HGK: Looting Enabled: false[23:57:30] Original HGK: GUI CLOSED[23:57:30] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scripts/HillGiantKiller$State[23:57:30] at scripts.HillGiantKiller.getState(HillGiantKiller.java:80)[23:57:30] at scripts.HillGiantKiller.run(HillGiantKiller.java:606)[23:57:30] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[23:57:30] Script Ended: Original HGK.
  13. RSTile[] path = new RSTile[] {new RSTile(1000, 1000), new RSTile(1010, 1000), new RSTile(1020, 1000)};if (Walking.walkPath(path)){ //True if the destination was reached; false otherwise.}Does this run from coords (1000, 1000) to (1010, 1000) to (1020, 1000) in whichever way it can? So, you start at (1000, 1000) the bot clicks on (1010, 1000), and then clicks on (1020, 1000)?
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