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  1. Hey Todd, On phase 1 you specify "--bootinfo" Does this mean it's possible to add the tribot login details for when the CLI launches? I ask because for some reason my server always forgets my tribot login details after a reboot and the CLI i'm using at the moment doesn't work until I launch tribot manually and enter credentials then click login. Alternatively, do you know where in the user directory the tribot login details are stored? Or do you know how to add an argument onto windows task schedueler to run login to tribot after I've just set a task to run it on reboot? Any help much appreciated.
  2. how would you multiple of these run this as a batch file?
  3. Is there a way to include tribot login details to this? Also, can you add a run script option?
  4. Script is bugging out on login screen, keeps clicking become member option.
  5. Anyone else getting issues with black screen client after starting script? 

  6. Hey bro, great script, i've used it alot recently, however, I accidently purchased another month for 8$. I meant to buy BF, please can you refund my 8$, you can see I havnt used it, I bought it 2 hours ago.
  7. I accidently bought the wrong script! 


    Can any mod please delete Purchase ID167418 and refund me 8$.

    1. YoHoJo


      Read the refund thread in Dispute section.

      Try contacting the scripter and asking.

    2. YoHoJo
    3. tac bucket
  8. Thanks buddy, I had posted my query prior to the announcement.
  9. Can we get an ETA on when Tribot will be updated/fixed?
  10. I stopped it bugging out but I will get a gif next time. Hopefully tonight. Also, if you dont mind answering. Whats most profitable bars at BF because on the pic below, the left side is addy and the right side is rune. Looks like not even much diff... ?
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