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  1. what do you mean?
  2. i wasn't saying it was a big deal i know how to resolve it but it would be better off just fixed for anyone who dosen't know what to do.
  3. Description of the bug: According to the script owner it should only be temporary but i'm suggesting it for anyone. How often the bug occurs: Triggers of the bug (if known): N/A Java version: java 51 TRiBot client version: 9.03 Operating System: don't know? Script Name:AIOfisher TRiBot Old-School or RS3: old school it says something about users being surpassed and then it signs out
  4. try deleting tribot, updating java?
  5. there is a message sometimes that comes up saying the amount of users have been surpassed and just signed out. this happened two times since yesterday and i should be on 94 fishing if this hadn't of happened however it did so im still on 89
  6. i think the evil bob random dosent work it just clicks on the servant endlessly, keep up the good work though!
  7. ill try
  8. my client isnt working and keeps coming up with [08:07:19] Starting TRiBot Loader. [08:07:20] TRiBot Loader Release 1.81 is up-to-date. [08:07:41] We were unable to run the updation sequence for TRiBot thoroughly. Error Message: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).what up?
  9. okay its irrelivant but my bot wont open? it says something to do with redundancy check ?
  10. just brought the scipt it keeps saying script ended suddenly whats wrong?
  11. i start a combat script at experiments several times to find which one is the right one to kill however the script freezes ive tried this on 2 different laptops and happens just the same whats up with it?