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  1. When you get the fraud message you're pretty much screwed. There's no way around this so you'll have to buy credits with 07GP. Happened to me about 6 months ago for no reason which is pretty annoying.
  2. I was using this at the G.E and came back later to find my account fletching in V-West. Possible to implement a fix for this kind of thing? and also has ABC2 been added to this script yet?
  3. Happy Birthday. I already own both of your scripts and they're great! 99 cooking and 97 mage.
  4. Got it working great, thanks! Could you recommend an invent setup? Like how many absorbs/ovls to take? I've also noticed that my prayer is going down over time with the prayer flicking option enabled, so my question is, what happens if it reaches 0? If it can that is.
  5. Can anyone help me with the setup? Using a zerker and I want to use rock cake/absorb method.
  6. Free scripts are the ones you get access to while being VIP. Premium ones can be bought and used without being VIP. Can't speak for the free ones but you'll have to test them out
  7. Green dragonhide bodies, maple longs strung and (u), yew and magic longbows.
  8. Is there anything in the client debug that could suggest what the problem is?
  9. Yeah I have. The other one is good but aAgility would easily be the better choice.
  10. In my own opinion aAgility is the best.
  11. Just noticed that while fishing at otto grotto the script has been running from the fishing spot it's at. Like there will be a fishing spot right in front of the character and it's runs to another one further away. I just saw that it ran from one to another and back again. I'm using LG but it happens without it aswell. I'll try get a vid.
  12. The system is pretty touchy. I've had the fraud message for months and I believe there's no fix, you'll have to try a new payment method.
  13. What about the official 07 client?
  14. Barbarian assault minigame bot