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  1. i just got on to ask the same. Mine regularly inputs the wrong first number
  2. Says usernames are taken, every time I try to make accounts. First time using looking glass, although I doubt that has an affect since account creation page is elsewhere, right?
  3. worked fine making me 20 accounts about 5 days ago. Today it wont click once in tut island. It creates account, logs in, and creates a character just fine though. But becomes stuck after that
  4. considering it, gonna reset ip tonight and try some different scripts for now tho
  5. Does the script auto save new names? I see the part about the script arguements, but not how to use them, given i have no folder for tribot, and I also have no need for them since I use the GUI?
  6. I indeed have not used proxies considering ive been botting under a week and everything gets banned for now, plus I can reset my IP nightly if needed since I know my modem's and ISP lease reset time
  7. I just want at least some people to say hey u dont need private scripts to even be relevant.
  8. So very simply, botted well over 5b dungeoneering, over 1.6b mining, and on one account 6 stats to 200m back in the day. At some point i fell out of interest in rs and stopped. I think in a large 2014 ban wave. Anyway, im back, i have vip accounts on this site and more. But my accounts are being banned rather quickly. Im clearly flagged so ill refresh IP later tonight. I need advice. Can be in private. I dont need to know your money making set up or scripts. I dont need secrets. I need advice for avoiding bans, and good scripts. Can be low exp per hour. Can be worthless shit like power mining or fishing shrimp. Just wanna start a lot of mains and watch them level. All ive ever been in it for is to come home and see accounts progressed farther than when I left. Unfortunately I got a taste of it, then boom, basically all my accounts were banned. Then tried again, avoided a script i thought was too obvious, bam, all of em. Then now, only ran a tutorial island script, didnt log into them for a day after that, boom, all banned when i try to relog. I just wanna be able to bot and i need some help. Also, im going back to college for my math degree and my masters in physics, and probably gonna grab a minor in comp sci to fill some of the time and because i already took years of java and did robotics so id love a scripter to talk to, i can familiarize myself with the guides but i wanna write my own and test em, release em for the community, just as a hobby. Simple scripts. shit no one has really done yet tho. Will discuss details with any published scripter TL;DR looking for: Advice on making new accounts get into level 30-50 for each stat (which scripts are truly very safe from your experience or what you use to make them safe) A mentor to motivate me to start scripting
  9. crap, just put money on a 2captcha account and then i see this ohh boy, this being the only bot i ran, all 8 accounts i had it run were banned when i attempted to log in today. I know my ip is flagged, but like, really?
  10. Just started botting again, cant wait to try since this is the most recently published script
  11. yeah under same ip. Their detection was never based on ip before No proxies. 2-9 at a time
  12. 13/13 accounts banned within 2 days of creation. What can I do to safely bot again. Some did combat, some did mining, some did wood cutting, some did fishing. All banned. Now when i make accounts they dont last longer than 25 minutes. What is the safe way
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