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  1. They've been fixed and game runs great now
  2. Selling the game for PC, leave offers below! Taking paypal and 07gp. skype:Muffinrs (I have over 150 offsite vouches, if needed to be shown, i can)
  3. Not true, but check my thread for my VPS prices, i can hook you up!
  4. Hey TRiBot Users! Welcome to my VPS Shop! I will be selling all different types of VPS' to fit your needs as best as I can! Note: I have 100+ Offsite Feedbacks and can show proof, just getting into TRiBot! What Will I be doing? - Set up your VPS so you can view it in a desktop form - Make it so you can view your VPS' Desktop from a VNC viewer - Install All software that you need to bot efficently! (Bot client, Java, Browser) The VPS Has been delivered to you? What do you do to start botting? CLICK BELOW Packages [Per Month]: Package 1: [3m 07/Month] Runs Up to 2 bots. 10 GB Hard Drive 1 vCore CPU 1 GB RAM Package 2: [6m 07/Month] Runs Up to 5 bots. 25 GB Hard Drive 2 vCore CPU 2 GB RAM Package 3: [9m 07/Month] Runs Up to 10 bots. 50 GB Hard Drive 3 vCore CPU 4 GB RAM Package 4 [WINDOWS] : [15m 07/Month] Runs Up to 12-15 Bots 50 GB Hard Drive 4 vCore CPU 4 GB RAM If you are having Trouble with setting up your VPS i can also set it up for you free of charge! TOS: -Viewing of any illegal websites is prohibited, if violated, i will remove you from the VPS in service and you will not be refunded. -Once Payment has been made it is non-refundable. - If you are experiencing issues you will contact me and I will try to sort it out as soon as possible. TO PURCHASE A VPS, ADD ME ON SKYPE @MUFFINRS
  5. If you can get house tabs let me know, add my skype @muffinrs
  6. greys 550-600e depending on amt, reds 950-1k ea skype: muffinrs
  7. Helped me with a question, fast and easy response, thanks
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