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  1. I bought a bot that lets me run 2 instances. If I buy another licence for the same bot (for 5 instances) will each licence work independently? For example: will the first licence (for 2 instances) keep running untill its expired, while the new licence (for 5 instances) starts fresh and runs its course? Thanks
  2. how does this work?i want osrs membership.
  3. sometimes when theres 2 piles of loot it runs back and forth between them.sometimes it attacks a dragon (ranged) and while it already fired a bolt,it changes its mind and attacks another one (i guess because its closer) just some details that give it up that its a bot
  4. Pm me or post here your prices.
  5. great bot. a few things to make it better: -please let us save inventory and equipment setups for each account -when using "dont wait untill loot appears on the ground" it sometimes attacks a dragon,goes to loot and instead of attacking the same dragon it attacked before looting,it goes after another dragon -add an option not to loot other peoples random hides/bones. its so obvious when 5 bots all run to the same spot to pick up a dragonhide thanks.
  6. It was working fine untill this morning. Now when I start the script it runs searching for "the spot" (even though the selected tile for killing crabs is right beside me). So not working right now.
  7. bought more darts and fixed that but it missclicks like crazy...sometimes doesnt attack zulrah,sometimes it walks into the venom clouds,sometimes it tries to attack snakelings and fails...
  8. I start it,it checks for darts (IU have around 300) and it says im out of darts and stops
  9. Please pm me price
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