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  1. I also got a permaban after running the script for about 8 hours total across 2 days at BF. Any tips on the settings to avoid bans? Are you guys using Looking Glass? The script was working amazingly until the ban.
  2. When attempting to do Monk's Friend, the script is getting stuck in loop buying logs over and over. It seems to not be detecting them in the bank properly. I'm using Tribot 11.0.9 if that matters. Debug information is below. Bot logger: Client logger:
  3. Hi, very impressive script! I've run into one bug during testing. When using "Jug of wine" as food, the bot will heal at the bank, correctly withdraw more wines according to inventory settings, then get stuck in a loop where it keeps opening and closing the bank. I suspect this is due to the empty jug remaining in the inventory and this may happen with all foods that leave a container behind (pies, stews, etc.). I think dropping the leftover containers after consuming the food would solve this issue. This would also free up inventory space for loot during combat. Another suggestion: Add a toggle or a threshold HP value to eat at the bank. This would save a bit of food instead of using it to heal only a few HP. Edit: Entering 0 for the number of runes in the inventory also seems to cause the script to get stuck in a loop opening and closing the bank.
  4. Checking for the required GP before going to the GE would save some travel time for accounts with that don't have enough GP. Just a suggestion to save a little bit of time Are you supplying the proper arguments? See this spreadsheet to generate the arguments for you: GQuester Arg Builder. Copy+paste the output of cell C4 into the left box (red box on the image below) on the screen when you press the "Start" button.
  5. It's working perfectly now. Thanks for such a quick fix!
  6. The script is crashing immediately on Tribot 11.0.9.
  7. I deleted hooks and restarted now. I tested a few different quests (I completed most of the quests that were messing up earlier). The bug did not occur with Aubury again or during X Marks the Spot or Romeo and Juliet. During Goblin Diplomacy, the script would use the blue goblin armor on General Wartface to trigger the cutscene, then click on him again almost immediately, causing the cutscene to cancel. It got stuck in a loop doing this. It seems like the script may not be waiting long enough for the next dialog box before repeating the last click or the initial successful dialog isn't being captured properly. Minor bug: When you close the paint, an error from imgur.com is displayed: "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available." About the Romeo and Juliet bug I posted previously: The script doesn't walk to Romeo after the cutscene on Juliet's balcony. It doesn't crash or display any errors and it will continue properly when you walk back to him manually. It seems like the script is just missing the walking command from her balcony to Romeo after the cutscene. Another suggestion: make the check that the player has enough gold to buy quest items before traveling to the GE. Thanks for being so quick to respond and update!
  8. It looks like a recent update broke the dialog between many npcs. The script will get a stuck in loop where it will: click the npc, select a response, then click the npc again (restarting the conversation). Click the image below to see the gif. This is happening with several npcs that I've found: Hetty when starting Witch's Potion, Cook when starting Cook's Assistant, Father Aereck when starting Restless Ghost, and delivering the package to Aubury during Rune Mysteries. There are probably more.
  9. This script is working great except it crashes after each run after you tan the hides. Below is the logger info. Client logger: [2020-06-11 12:30:15] Script Started: Auto Tanner. [2020-06-11 12:30:15] Auto Tanner: [INFO] Tanning Soft leather [2020-06-11 12:31:03] Script Ended: Auto Tanner. Bot logger: [2020-06-11 12:31:03] null [2020-06-11 12:31:03] java.lang.NullPointerException: null [2020-06-11 12:31:03] at scripts.tanner.b.v.F(TanRunnable.java:44) [2020-06-11 12:31:03] at scripts.tanner.b.v.run(TanRunnable.java:24) [2020-06-11 12:31:03] at scripts.api.script.DecisionTreeScript.run(DecisionTreeScript.java:84) [2020-06-11 12:31:03] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  10. During Vampyre Slayer, sometimes the script will crash just before the fight with Count Draynor. This occurred on only some of the accounts during my testing. The player will move into the corner next to the staircase with the staff equipped but not start the fight. The script then crashes. Here is the debug info: https://pastebin.com/MeJSXTqG Another minor issue: After completing Ernest the Chicken, sometimes the "Quest Completed!" screen blocks staircase, causing the script to get stuck. Adding a check to close the screen should fix this. Another minor issue: After completing X Marks the Spot, the script did not use the xp lamp. I tested with the "Xmark:Prayer" argument on f2p accounts. Another minor issue: After completing Witch's Potion, the script does not move on to the next quest.
  11. Hello, great script but I've run into one issue. When I'm fighting the dwarves south of Ice Mountain, the script is crashing. It seems like the script is trying to path to an inaccessible area near the ladder then crashes. Below is the debug info when this occurs. [16:41:26] [Debug] Time since last action: 1540 [16:41:26] [Debug] Time since last action: 2276 [16:41:27] [Debug] Time since last action: 2890 [16:41:28] [Debug] Time since last action: 3617 [16:41:28] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Dax walker failed to generate a path 5 times; NO_WEB_PATH [16:41:28] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.b.J(WebWalkerServerApi.java:95) [16:41:28] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.a.J(DaxWalker.java:67) [16:41:28] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.a.J(DaxWalker.java:53) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.movement.j.j(Movement.java:182) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.movement.j.J(Movement.java:32) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.movement.j.J(Movement.java:101) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.movement.j.J(Movement.java:85) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.movement.j.J(Movement.java:72) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.movement.j.J(Movement.java:32) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.movement.r.j(MovementUtil.java:42) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.movement.r.j(MovementUtil.java:28) [16:41:28] at scripts.fighter.actions.v.J(AttackTarget.java:122) [16:41:28] at scripts.napi.framework.NScript.run(NScript.java:798) [16:41:28] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [16:41:28] [Debug] Script ending [16:41:29] [Session Tracker] Data updated successfully [16:41:29] Script Ended: nFighter.
  12. Hello, excellent script! I ran through Goblin Diplomacy and Romeo & Juliet. Goblin Diplomacy worked perfectly. During Romeo, each of my bots got stuck after the cutscene on Juliet's balcony. This is just before you return to Romeo to complete the quest.
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