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  1. Sold me VIP, got it in maximum 3-4 minutes. Lightning fast service, props to you YoHoJo.
  2. You didn't read my PM i suppose. The script didn't work - it started, sure, worked for 5-10 mins, then stood at yak-s, i got banned in one and half hour. Now i would like a refund, would be cool.
  3. At first I had some problems with the script but when i asked help from Druid, he responded almost instantly and helped me for a long time, at last we got it working and I have to say.. THE SCRIPT IS BEAST! I've never seen any script that fast and well done. Huge props to Druid, this script is a job well done! It's rare when you see perfect custom service and beast performing script, just awesome!
  4. Thank you so much for this script, just works wonders. I also adore the new dropping system - boosted my xp/hr from 31k/hr to 52k/hr, that's just insane! And to all the people who've gotten banned, how? I've botted for 2 weeks and around 15 hours a day with one account and haven't gotten ban so far, lots of lobsters banked . The script seemed to be quite positive today, lol! XP/HR is pretty decent i'd say .
  5. That's because DevLoader is down for some time as the "Developer", who updates DevLoader and also Hosts it, forgot to pay his little bill and his domain got suspended. @aMiner - is this 1 auth per 1 ip? If that's the case, i'll be very interested in buying the premium script.
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