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  1. i wanna buy credit with paypal or prepaid card or osgp add me skype 2defonmymind or reply here
  2. hello i buy some credit and i ddint receave it my transaction still in pending i call vannilla and he said me to contact you . my transsaction number :561830301 24.75  . i purchase credit and i never receave its told my transaction was in pending so give me my credit to purchase VIP and the nmz premium bot i bought 2 card i spend over 60$ to buy the fucking credit and i dont receave it i want my credit or my vip to purchase preminum bot i will buy alot scrip or cancel my transaction pending . txt me backkk quickly plz im tired to try gettin my VIP AND my credit it was so complicated for nothing im not happy at all or add me skype 2defonmymind to help me need reply sooon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. BUYING for 25$(CAD) of credit i want purchase VIP and premiun scrip is my first time i need help reply here or add me skype 2defonmymind
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