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  1. I ran this for an hour and 40 minutes on my 2000+ total account and it got wiped! Would you know any reason why?
  2. Has anybody ever had any luck getting 99 agility? I've tried looking glass, running the scripts taking breaks every hour, running the scripts for 2 hours per day and I always end up getting wiped. Any suggestions on any successful agility capes?
  3. i deleted the open osrs java and tried again.. still the same issue. looking glass won't hook to any client i try. I;m also not very tech savvy and not sure how to delete hooks and data lol. Yes, tribot 11! everything worked fine prior to the big update. thanks!
  4. Hi! I have been trying this for hours, have completed deleted everything and re-downloaded it twice as well as wiped my whole computer and started fresh and still cannot seem to get this to work. I am using a Macbook Air trying to run Looking Glass, my tribot says "No RuneScape client was found" I have downloaded the - Version 8 Update 251 of Java - JDK 8 update 251 I have also tried - OSbuddy.jar -OpenOSRS.jar -OpenOSRS-shaded.jar I have also updated my loaded and downloaded the tribot-loader-live.jar If someone could please help me as any forums I look at have had me repeat all the same steps I have tried multiple times Thank you!!!!!!
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