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  1. frostyroad1


    jagex upheld the ban rip. i botted using home ip accidentally once i will re attempt in the future you can appeal multiple times even though they say you cannot
  2. banned two days ago again and sent in an appeal will post results
  3. frostyroad1


    One can actually appeal an individual permanent ban an infinite amount of times by using a different response email in the appeal form (The box where it says 'where should we contact you' or something along the lines of that) I've heard someone getting their first appeal (where they apologized) denied and then re-attempting an appeal months later by saying they were hijacked and getting unbanned
  4. Gets stuck on this screen as well
  5. I think OSRS was just updated by Jagex.. Maybe that has something to do with it? Screenshots: Client Debug, Bot Debug, Tribot main window (blackscreen)
  6. Woke up to phoenix pet
  7. Do you have any tips for tweaking the settings for long-term botting on mains? I disabled mini-breaking (seems a little odd to log out every now and then no? Random AFKing seems better not sure) Is it plausible to have this script run for 8-10 hours a day doing higher level bars (adamant bars)? The GE limits an individual to 1125 adamant bars per hour while the script is able to carry out 1500+ bars per hour. The script should run for 3-3.5 hours with antiban AFKs and then forcibly logout/break due to GE limit and the script's restock wait. Next the script should log back in for the 'next round' of ores sometime after the limit has passed and then go back to 3-3.5 hours of work (with random AFK breaks... Should I re-add minibreaking?) I believe this 3-3.5 hours of 'working' and then 0.5-1.0 hours of 'break' should mimic an actual human pattern, correct? I like this script so far: Got 30-70 smithing so far with this script. I'm willing to take a cut in xp/gp rate in order to get 99 smithing with this script (edit: perhaps increasing both FREQUENCY and DURATION of the afking would help)
  8. Worked well at Hosidius Ban rate might be moderate for Thieving scripts because it is relatively click-intensive and you are quite exposed to player-submitted reporting (not like alching in a POH) I would advise running a Thieving script for maybe 1-2.5 hours max each time idk
  9. frostyroad1


    One IP to create the account and play Another IP (preferably foreign. preferably third-world) to bot Use Creation IP to appeal the ban
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