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  1. mrpie

    250 Credits for sale

    That's helpful, Thanks!
  2. mrpie

    250 Credits for sale

    It was a premium scripter.
  3. mrpie

    250 Credits for sale

    Nice. Scripter doesn't make my script. And now I'm stuck with 250 credits that would take me over 4 years to get rid of... Thanks for the info, Netami. I didn't realize that.
  4. I have 250 credits to sell. Ideally, I'd like to do a bulk sale. OSRS GP or Cash.
  5. Good Luck. I've had it posted since May, and I even had a scripter say he'll do it, but after month+, no script. So far, I found just using RL for the 30 minute afk's on pump to be best way since nobody seems to want to make money.
  6. Still looking, even though it appears there isn't anyone doing scripts at all.
  7. Auto typers can be done with most mouse/keyboard software, or just use AHK.
  8. Still looking for this.
  9. Awesome, Thanks!
  10. You can't use the Jagex designated worlds. There are npc's pumping. The most common pumping world is a BH world, 319. That's the world I was on when it happened, and I hear it gets crashed a lot. It's the first I've experienced it. I usually hop worlds before things get too crazy. Mornings have been peaceful.
  11. Hey Naton, I was just about to post on your scripts thread about the issue. I bought your script specifically for pumping, but now it's not an option imo. I tried talking to some other people about it, but apparently, if people come to Blast Furnace, and start putting in ore, and trying to run it, you have to run the entire setup as designed. I believe it's something like I was continuing to pump, which increases pressure, and causes it to fail? People purposely go out of their way to crash pumpers, and I try to migrate with a cc to new worlds. I think it's just another check against afk macros/botters. I didn't save the log, as I was busy irl and should have gotten the log. I remember the log being stuck at trying to enter BF stairs. It was just filled with that for 5+ min. When you try to reenter, one of the npc's chat windows pops up and states you can't enter for X amount of time. When I caught it, I was at 11 minutes left. I think he said something about me breaking the machine or something and I'm not allowed back in. Lastly, the no option to click, I'd suggest just another loiter timer. It varies greatly on when that option pops back up. Unless you're able to setup a way for it to tell when the option is there and it needs to click it. That was is probably out of my scope on a solution. I personally just hover over the spot, and wait for it to pop up. When I see it, I'll click. Or if I'm busy, I'll just keep myself logged in, and check it every few min and try to jump back on.
  12. It would help if I read. I didn't format this correctly initially. Request: I am looking for a Blast Furnace Pumper script. I have just been using an hour and half macro where I just recorded myself playing. I tried to use the nBlast Furnace(By Naton) script that has a pumper option, but found an pretty glaring issue that would get someone banned pretty quickly. Description: I'd like a script that pumps. Keeps me logged in, preferably by just open/closing the inventory as that's how I've been playing. And if I get booted out of BF, to just end script and log me out. A plus would be if there's no coker for like 5-10 min, just log me out also. I think the easiest implementation would be simply am I gaining exp or not. And if I'm not getting exp for ~5 min, then just log off. Having it fill the stove and jump back on the pump would be amazing, but I can live without. Payment Amount: I'm unsure of script prices in general. It's a BF Pump script, not a Zulrah script. If this could get me 99 strength without a ban, I'd pay a good amount. We can negotiate on price. Time: I'm not in a rush, but sooner than later. Additional: The pump kicks you off every 1:45, which is why I was using a 1:30 macro. If the world gets crashed, you get booted out of the Blast Furnace area, and can't return for what I'm assuming is 30 minutes. I walked by Naton's script earlier and found my character spam clicking the stairs trying to get back into BF, but I wasn't allowed for X amount of time. The pump also has a limit of how many people can be on the pump, and the pump option disappears when it's full. Naton's script does some weird things around this sometimes, but eventually gets back on.
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