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  1. What do you think I should do with the account that received a 2-day ban in terms of botting? Use a proxy for a new IP? Also, the input mouse policy lets me take over when I put my mouse over the screen and keeps it from jumping around?
  2. How are your settings in the API when you use combat in the NMZ and what should I set my setting functions to? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I don't know a lot about botting. You're probably right. What settings should I set in order to be safe Dharok'ing in NMZ?
  4. Here are mine! Will do more! Thanks! Xmouse_data-49934-1419981804018.dat Xmouse_data-49934-1419982788093.dat Xmouse_data-49934-1419983218040.dat Xmouse_data-49934-1419983659196.dat Xmouse_data-49934-1420791801266.dat
  5. If I'm cutting willow trees at Draynor, should I bank?
  6. Did you use break handler? Also, If I babysat my bot and looked over every couple of minutes to see if there was someone talking to me, would I pretty much not be able to get banned?
  7. I'm having trouble with this as well.
  8. Just wondering what's the best preworkout supplement. Any ideas? I've taken Craze before an doesn't really seem to have an effect on me, although I hear many good things about it. I guess some thing in my body is really tolerant to it. I might stack HemaVol and Jack3D as well.