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  1. I just got my mining to 99, and I've been more or less botting every hour of the day for the last 3-4 weeks (not only for mining). I heard that Jagex is maybe back on their game so I'm happy I got the 99. Sorry you got the ban hammer though.
  2. I had that happen for all of yesterday afternoon. My client shut down so I came to the forums to see if anybody else had experienced anything similar, but every time I tried to get into any part of the forums I saw the same message. Fortunately it allowed me back on the forums before I went to bed as I'm trying to hit 99 mining haha.
  3. I just want to say I've been running this script for the last 2 weeks, with a good 18 hours or so a day of running it with no ban yet. I'm currently at 81 mining and I have to say great job. I'm relatively new to botting, but from the way everyone makes it sound, getting banned is an extremely common thing. I usually try to edit my settings even a little bit every time I run it, and I also ALWAYS use LG. I figure better safe than sorry, also for me it's simply for my main as I played a long time ago, got to a high level, forgot the account info/stopped playing for 10 years, and wanted to basically start where I left off. I also have used your agility client with much success as well!
  4. I just started botting like a week ago or so because my roommate was nagging me to play osrs again due to the fact that we've played and beaten every other video game we own. I haven't played in almost a decade, and when I did last, I botted a very tiny amount. I decided I was going to finally get a 99 in something and am currently 75 in mining (1/2 bot / 1/2 legit). I have been almost constantly logged on (a couple of nights I just stayed off) for the duration of this past week. I've been running it while I sleep (I'm east coast time btw) from around 11 PM - 7 AM give or take, play for like 4 hours manually, log off and have lunch or workout, maybe watch something, and then come back and play for another 5 - 6 hours. I'll then eat dinner around 7 PM or so while I begin a couple more hours with the bot. I usually play for another couple hours before bed, and then I either turn it off, or set it to go overnight. That has been my routine for the last week since I've began, and I was wondering what effect the pandemic might have on Jagex, botting, and bans overall. Should this be thought of like an extended weekend? Where Jagex is mainly relying on its' auto ban and botwatch? Is it possible breaks don't matter at least right now if you use the right bots because everybody is stuck at home and it is no longer unrealistic to see someone play the same game all day long? I use LG all the time (I'm only botting mining to get my 99, then I'm going legit as I just wanted a skill cape), and I'm currently using A2 Miner runite version (great script by the way), and am also running this on my main account. I mainly bot MLM top floor so I'm not super concerned about being reported. I also have made sure to break up some of my daytime play sessions to do quests or diaries as well as raise other skills. I participate in conversations as I babysit half of my botting, utilize the mouse wheel zoom, and do janky mouse movements every now and then. Obviously there's always a chance of being banned, but honestly I'm surprised I haven't been as I have been certainly taking advantage of all my free time and botting about half of my day. I left in all the details because as I stated, I basically got into botting a week ago and found it hard to find a great deal of information on this stuff that is centralized and figured maybe this could help someone else who might be looking for this info. These are all tips I've picked up from here or there, but mostly here.
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