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  1. I haven't had them in a while, I did have this issue with Kalphites in the past though... If i get them I will let you know.
  2. Also when killing Daggs under lighthouse, the CPU usage spikes insanely, to the point where it freezes Tribot client. This script related? I'm sure it is as i ran another combat script in here to test and that worked fine
  3. I have issues using keyboard when this script it active, like no matter what i cant use it until i stop the script. Any ideas?
  4. Could you add support of Dragonfire shield instead of just using Anti-dragon shield?
  5. Just tried to use this, it spam clicks on ring slot on inventory after every time it selects "chase".
  6. *BUG* Was given Turoth task, as always using slayer rings but spammed teleport to Rellekka Slayer cave 5 times, stopped it when this happened. Restarted bot at when the ring teleport you to; done the same again... @Marcusihno
  7. How do i activate the multi skill feature? Am i being blind and stupid or is it just not there? @Einstein
  8. Well done, incredibly fast to fix bugs and issues. This script has serious potential! 5* Also any chance of amending so it can wear Amulet of Torture, fury, etc. -Seems un-human like to have a Amulet of Torture in bank and still be using glory. -Also does script support teleport tablets, haven't seen it use one and when your glory only has 1 charge left it carries another on the task purely for the teleport. -And when doing a task which requires specific weapon (Turoth), it should bank your regular weapon rather than take it on the task.
  9. 1. So it approaches the portal or whatever it is to get into Killerwatts but with me never being there some dialogue pops up and the script selects to see next screen of the dialogue where there are 3 options; Yes to enter, Yes, don't show message again and No. But it then spams the portal; hence getting stuck in that cycle.. 2. Yes i am using prayer, and that would be ideal. Something else whilst I've been using it too: -Toggle run back on when getting to the slayer task destination; I have found if you use all energy which running to get a task which it does, it wont goggle this until it banks again. Few suggestions too: -Optional and variable loot system; Personally I'd rather it not be looting, as the additional banking is costing in XP.? --Or even add a over X amount value to drops? -Great idea of the algorithm for trying to judge food amounts needed but would not taking max inventory of food and eating to create space for loot not work better? Also this would seem more human like IMO + Creates longer trips for some people who are lower levels? -Add support for soul bearer? -Bring additional expeditious bracelets?
  10. Found Willerwatts contains a few bugs: -I have never been to area where you kill Killerwatts, and it caused script to spam the entrance as an NPC asks to confirm entry; this is fixed by selecting the don't ask again option. -It only takes 3 pieces of food and this is nowhere near enough to complete a task (even at 100+ CB) so was attempting to telly to bank multiple times throughout task.
  11. Mega hyped to try this out! If this runs as smoothly as what people are saying and you're being as responsive as it seems to fix every issue, don't see why this isn't a paid script $$$$. Well done and good luck
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