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  1. Ive just purchased a premium script, when I try to start the script it just says downloading script then stops. any help please?
  2. Description of bug: when trying to start the script it gets to the loading prices part then just stops working LG (Yes/No): no Resize (Yes/no):no Pictures of gear equipped: I have on BP, d hide chaps, bracelet, and glory Pictures of inventory: has 12 monkfish, burning amulet and 1 ranging pot Pictures of screen and/or status: [13:57:01] Script Started: Gods Revenants. [13:57:01] Settings loaded successfully: last [13:57:32] Settings saved successfully: revs.ini [13:57:36] Loading prices [13:57:41] Prices loaded [13:57:41] Grabbed starting gear [13:57:41] java.lang.NullPointerException [13:57:41] at scripts.GodsRevs.Revs.D(Revs.java:667) [13:57:41] at scripts.GodsRevs.Revs.I(Revs.java:728) [13:57:41] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [13:57:43] Time ran: 00:00:41 [13:57:43] Profit made: 0GP [13:57:43] Deaths: 0 [13:57:43] Thank you for choosing Gods Scripting [13:57:43] Script Ended: Gods Revenants. GUI settings (you can just list these or leave blank and I will ask about your settings when I contact you)
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